Тест «Кто я?». Вариант работы с рисунком.


This technique clarifies the roles, values and behaviours that are important in this period of life.

the Question "Who am I?" is directly linked with our self-perception and acceptance of self, of its features. Answering the question "Who am I?" most people call social roles (nouns) and specifications-definitions (adjectives), with whom he relates himself.

For advice on marriage and family is the most important reflection in the answers on the topics of family and marital relations, present and future family roles, how they are valued by the individual.

Job to execute this technique:

  1. Write the answers to the question "Who am I?" Necessary to answer in a column, numbering the answers.
  2. Next to each answer, draw a spontaneous way – an illustration to the word.
  3. name each figure.
  4. Rank color - make the strokes of the colors present in the picture from the most pleasant to least pleasant.

Two ways of running jobs allow to compare the verbal and nonverbal characteristics reflecting the interaction of conscious and unconscious aspects of the psyche.

case study.

Consider the implementation of this technique on the example of the thirty years ' woman, we'll call her Alya. Ala is married, has four sons, works as an accountant.

Here are her answers to the question "Who am I?".

the analysis of the obtained results we note how many answers, in our example, eight. As a rule, less than ten of the answers people give modest, insecure. It is difficult to be in the spotlight, to discuss the features of his personality.

the Fact that the responses more than half of social roles, says that Asya used to live, focusing on the rules and expectations of society to a greater extent than on themselves.

see what roles are presented in figure ASI. All five of them. In the first place the designation of her gender, she is female. Then be presented to the family roles – wife, mother, employee. The list of answers completes – girlfriend. There is no role of "daughter", "sister" although life ASI mom and younger sister take a big place. On previous visits I already know that ASI complex relationship with his family, so worked an unconscious unwillingness to draw them.

Adjectives reflect the personality, allow us to see the emotional attitude of man to himself. Asya allow himself to Express only three emotional characteristics, she loves to swim in the pool, dreamy and caring.

Look at the appeal for the author used colors (ranking) and their representation in the drawing.

So, the first image associated with ASI with joy, the flower drawn in red, the most attractive for ASI color, but the color of the dresses women is on the last place for attractiveness.

Pay attention to it ASI. It is the awareness of your body is the leading factor of cumulopuntia. Asya says with her recent history. The seller in shop of clothes drew the attention of the ASI that she's too modestly dressed, and with her looks, can not afford much. She tells the story quietly, but smiling, it is seen that young woman a nice compliment to the seller. It is really very attractive, tall, slender, with regular features. In her answers to the question: "Who am I?" there are no definitions associated with appearance and the woman in the picture looks more like a girl, the female form is not drawn. My mother always told ACE that she is ugly, pitied her for it.

Flower I gave my gleefully informs Asya.

We can see such a flower and a figure of dreamy ASI and drawing when she is a friend.

- the Flower I associate with joy, says Asya.
- my Husband often gives flowers?
- Yes, gives, only now I realized that I had stopped thanking him for it.

Second response ASI: "I – wife". I draw her attention to the fact that the figure is not visible the hands of her husband.

- Mom always called her father "armless". My husband is also not able and does not like to do a man's job around the house: electrical, plumbing, but he always finds the money and resources, to invite relevant professionals. Wow, kind of claims to the husband there, and my mother's belief remained.
- her husband's green pants, which be Association of the green color?
Loyalty. I remember my mom told me that dad was cheating on her, all the relatives discussed their personal life. And about the husband of my mother said: "Look how polished, will leave you at the first opportunity". It turns out, I have doubts about the fidelity of her husband.

On the third picture Asya's mother.

- I see that the pants the boy is very wide in the waist. What can it mean?
- I guess I want to get up. It's hard for me with a little boy. It requires attention, climbs to embrace, and I don't want to. Experience hugs and caresses the children never had in my life. After the birth of a son anxious to go to work, to escape from communication with the child. I even gave the name to the picture – hurt like the boy in the picture offended me. Generally I am calm, and son swear, even my husband noticed it.

the following illustration Asya – worker.

When I'm at work – serious.
- I noticed that on some pictures the heads of people red, and some yellow. What do people associate with these colors?
- Red activity, energy, yellow – warmth, joy. It turns out that being a woman and employee I have more joy than in the role of wife and mother.

the following illustration Asya – loving to swim in the pool.

- I certainly love to swim in the pool, but at sea you want. Long ago my husband and I did not go anywhere to rest.

On the sixth picture Asya – dreamy.

In my dreams I imagine lollipops, clouds and flowers. I like the energy from these images.

seven figure Ah – caring.

- I am a caring, committed a scarf tie, delicious. Here is the cake drew.

At last, the eighth picture Asya – girlfriend.

- When I'm a girlfriend, I have this role is associated with a pleasant meeting, with the opportunity to talk over a Cup of tea. In this role I was on a separate sheet. Like and can do without it, but I do not have enough communication with friends.

Conditional responses there are six main spheres of life:

family (kinship, child-parent and marital relationships, appropriate roles);

(relationships, professional role);

study (need and necessity of obtaining new knowledge, the ability to change);

leisure (structuring of time, resources, interests);

sphere of intimate personal relationships (friendships and love relationships);

REC (resources, health).

and Kosintsev, V. G.

At the end, Asya shared their experiences from the implementation of this technique, it was found that she was easy and interesting. At the same time clearly manifested the problem area, first of all, it is the non – acceptance of my own body, a conflict communicating with the son, and the jealousy to the husband.


Those responses that the client writes at the beginning of the list, the most conscious of him. As the performance of the technique may appear first announced, surprising for a man answers. If he's underdeveloped view of themselves or the client closed, he had difficulty answering the test question.

If the responses represented a variety of social roles in the absence of individual characteristics, this may indicate a lack of confidence, fear of self-disclosure, self-defense. The lack of social roles in the presence of individual characteristics may mean: personality; difficulties in the implementation of the rules; the identity crisis; the immaturity of the person.

If the self-describing present verbs, is a sign of activity and consciousness of human actions.

Well, when nouns, adjectives, and verbs are approximately equal numbers.

Psycholinguistic analysis:

part of speech

the Prevalence of

a lack


the human Need for certainty, consistency

lack of responsibility


demonstrative, emotion

a weak differentiation of the identity


the activity, independence

self-doubt, underestimation of its effectiveness.

the Integration of the individual time is manifested in the case, if the answers are characteristics that are relevant to different time periods - past, present, future.

a Sign of psychological maturity is the presence of goals, future plans in connection with the satisfaction that is in the present.

If the subject of the request is different from the problems shown in the test, it says not enough deep understanding of the client or that he does not dare to tell that it really excites.

This technique helps to not only better understand the personality of the subject, but also to identify areas of concern, therefore, directions for future work.

Milashina Olga
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