Тет-а-тет. Исцеление в отношениях.


the Clarity and power coming from a loving heart,

so attractive that they are hard not to admire.

D. Sinker "In search of good form".

Gestalt therapy is a healing relationship.

We are social. We are born in relationship, come, grow and grow. We spend our whole lives looking for a relationship and a form of relationship is right for us.

You live differently? Don't believe it. Man needs man!

lots of experiments confirm that without participation, emotional response, courteous attention, hearing and hearing people can not survive, even physically, and even emotionally, for sure.

Stay surrounded by a completely unemotional people, try to live among such still-functioning body is a robot. Only hardly it alive?!

One of the basic ideas of Gestalt therapy – contact (dialogue).

Gestalt therapy is a meeting of two worlds: the client and the therapist, the person and the person.

Why and how in the relationship to be healed?

When worlds touch, there is a meeting between. In this Between – all of reality, which is possible now for everyone.

those I–Thou relationship, in which there is I with his life experience. worldview, feelings, emotions, You and your "set" and then live, unique, what's going on between us (for the first time, this minute and never again).

In the therapeutic relationship is the search for the most suitable form of relations.

the Therapist provides in the relationship to your client's attention and acceptance. The unconditional acceptance and non-judgment. In a relationship of total acceptance – recognition, Dating, for man is possible openness. The client is given the right as if to say: "When I know your full acceptance, I can show you my soft, the receptive, gentle, beautiful and vulnerable self". (D. Sinker "Creative process").

In periods of deep emotional distress is very difficult to remain in isolation and loneliness, in times of achievements and successes, moments of decision, I'd like to share his thoughts on the prospects and doubts, in times of deep rethinking of the tasks of life own philosophy, it is important to Express thoughts in word, in doubt – there is an expectation that someone will ask the same questions, the answers to which will appear in the solution and opens the opportunity of promotion. And very importantly, in a warm, accepting relationship, you can meet other, real, so absolutely necessary.

I do not discover America, and accents.

We are few where you learn to live in communication, even less in a nice relationship, much less consciously to create them comfortable...And very few for whom it was created space, time and atmosphere in which self-knowledge is possible.

Just about qualitative relations can be found in individual therapy. And Simply and Efficiently.

Inna Pozdnyakova
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