Thank you come without make-up


Normally get at the grocery:"Package?.....thanks for buying.....come and see us again....happy to see you again"

here:"Thank you come without make-up" and a smile.

No, such relationships have developed that I have with this cashier. By accident.

Usually, his silence can add to the cart stable the morning ritual of milk, cheese, sour cream, fruit and halva. Sure, halva. Without it my morning coffee does not create that mood. And always with a slice of grapefruit. And look out the window. Machine back and forth.

If you look at one point without being distracted by their movement, it is possible to reach amazing illusion: the flickering lights in the same rhythm and color vague track of rushing metal boxes.

If included dance, inside, all comes in their movement, I catch the rhythm....your machines, the world......

So begins a spontaneous dance. Through him grounded and feel the axle inside. She-and her confidence, acceptance, and movement you in that outdoor space. Through it - sampradaya this World. Such a huge and host you different.

I've been little attention paid to the makeup. And when my mind chooses from the crowd beautiful face decorated with makeup, I always admire and stare.

...In one of those early morning purchases I reach the register and can't look away. A girl so beautiful at the checkout. Her few cosmetics, but it glows from the inside, the hair from her movements synchronously easy cloud fly up. I haven't kept in thoughts, who can say and share here:"Victoria /badge/ you are really nice. I want to look at you"

Victoria smiles,"In fact, I was so tired from work that I want in the coffin"

I stop and, for some reason, also smile and say,"Oh, now I know how beautiful people are when they want to die")

We both laugh.

And from that day between us appear special relationship. Once she said,"thank you for come plain. It helps me sometimes not to paint yourself" and now she's just this phrase says goodbye to me at the cash register.


every day I have

(through Others, through stories, situations, books/articles/movies/music)

"with many in-itself" /phrase belongs to Boris Pinsker, my respect/.

External - internal, true-false, yours is someone else's, want-need, needs, attract-repel, disgust - the one-stop, move - stop solution-a question.....and in fact-Life.

Each morning starts with me Life.

Every night before bed we say goodbye to her in the morning again.

Hello, Life. Thank you for coming by plain, in its natural beauty)......

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