That can save a family in a difficult time for her?


That could save a family in a difficult time for her?

family tradition.

it's No secret that the daily life and test the strength of our relationship. In daily life, when every day is indistinguishable from the previous one and when because of constant congestion, we can't see each other, coming home, we act automatically. Quickly cooking the dinner, we will work with children and I want to lie down in front of TV to relax. On the relationship absolutely not have time and so day after day from year to year. Accumulated dissatisfaction with life, relationships, want something more. Suddenly we notice that the family itself is not so strong, like to get together and at the same time each by itself. But one of the main functions of the family is to meet the emotional needs of each family member. Without this, the family begins to disintegrate.

What to do in this situation ?

If you look back and look at the historical perspective of our ancestors, the families they created were strong enough and coped with almost all challenges that arose in front of my family. What did the family be strong and sustainable?

the simple Answer TRADITION. Family tradition was the binding glue that kept the family together. First of all it's life the traditional lifestyle of the family, which includes customs, celebrations, rules by which we live most of these same families, family rituals and values.

To the family traditions of our ancestors were such rules, values like:
  • Knowledge of his ancestry.
  • the cult of the veneration of their ancestors, and caring for parents.
  • Transfer from generation to generation heirlooms, values, knowledge.
  • Naming the baby after a famous ancestor.
  • Transfer from generation to generation skills — professional dynasty.
family tradition is a spiritual home atmosphere and family togetherness.

family tradition are a very important factor in the stability of the family, a support element, strengthening it and reducing the anxiety of all of its members. This is what gives all family members an incomparable sense of community, reliability and peace of mind.

family tradition is a kind of Foundation on which everything rests: the life, parenting, combines leisure and work.

family tradition give people a commonality and a connection with generations of their ancestors, communication with living people — people and the concept of homeland.

What to do if you don't have family traditions?

quite simply, you need to create them.

What could be the basis for family traditions in a modern society?

the Tradition is a ritual that you try to maintain all the time.

This ritual can be:

  • a Joint vacation, a vacation which you traditionally spend for example in the summer with his family at the cottage in the village in a camping trip, a tourist trip.

  • a Traditional lunch, dinner on weekends parents.

  • the Traditional cultural event, theatre, Museum, exhibition, cinema with the whole family.

  • Traditionally celebrate the holidays with family.

  • to celebrate the birthday of our family.

And remember that your traditions will become a very good memories for your children.

create a family traditions will make your family more healthy, fulfilling and happy.

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