the training "Way to yourself" is familiar with his client's feelings and emotions, with how they live within it, the impact on the person, how it affects his life, the deeds, the life of the body.

once, on one of these sessions one young woman drew a beautiful tree as an allegory of his own body. Unfortunately, over the years, the figure has not survived, but it is vividly etched in my memory. Why? Yes, simply because he was warned, no, screaming about the diseases that were bearing down on careless young woman.

In this figure, as I wrote above, portrays a young tree standing on the steep hill, the scenery around the tree was quiet and peaceful, a typical summer day. However, the roots were immersed in a wide and deep groundwater flow. The top buds on the branches were "burnt", dried up and the tree could not therefore rise.

a Woman has described his work like this: "My tree is young, tight and great. It is on a hill and calmly blows the wind, his lack of air and space. The roots are immersed in a wide and deep flow the underground waters, which feed it completely. All is good, but the growth points of my tree is the top buds on the branches, withered and burned from the fact that the environment is aggressive towards my tree. The environment is caring, Sears and burns, does not grow and develop, because it gives protection, makes it impossible to be yourself".

the band began to pay attention to this women that the roots of her tree are completely in the water, that's probably why the tree dies, because the trees tend not to live as a swamp plant, that underground stream may wash away the soil under the tree and it will fall and then die. However, the client insisted on their opinion about the aggressiveness of the environment.

So what was really going on in a woman's life, what was her pattern? For women this moment life was really painful and crisis, it required some courage to see and accept finally that the life she's building on incorrect reasoning, constantly hiding in their dreams and passion from her impending reality. The woman in this process resisted with all his strength, creating around itself a kind of unreality, some pleasant and noncommittal personal tale-utopia.

She didn't want to take anything that was thrown her reality as material for enlightenment, the woman cleverly supplanted it all or perfectly rationalized, or have created a personal space of unreality. Thus, for instance increasing anxiety, my client ran into a powerful prisoner of psychological protection.

Yes, these protections helped her reduce the anxiety level, but led to further frustration and a huge waste of the physical forces of the body. Well, you can imagine the subconscious mind of my client was automatically put all the signals from the objective reality that could destroy her illusory idea, in some "closet". Yes, he had to prop the door of the "closet", so God forbid, she did not open, and does not spill into the consciousness of my client the facts of reality that would be perceived and I would have to do, rather, something would have had to do with him. Of course, such facts are objective reality throws up a lot during each day of life, and certainly, her "closet" for storage was already full.

Imagine what a tremendous amount of energy this woman is spending to continue to live in your fantasy world. And this energy she drew from his body, was wrong redistribution and use of internal energy. And as a fact, has begun to suffer from body simply put it started to fester the disease.

It was talking about the picture my client. He just screamed to her that her immersion in the unconscious sensuality (her picture is the underground flow of water under the roots of a tree) leads to a certain pain in the body (the dried buds of growth on the branches), and thus odumaetsya opportunity for the development and functioning of the body.

I Must admit that at that point, our group was unable to reach the consciousness of this woman. She had left the class confident in the fact that the surrounding she was not allowed to live, they destroy and cause suffering, and personally, she is okay, she is completely healthy and knows the right way in this life.

the figure she drew in September, but in November, the woman was severely ill. She was treated for a long time, the disease was very painful, this woman had to endure incredible physical suffering. But this disease has forced her to think about what happens to her in life if she lives.

How to know what would happen to this woman if she drew my attention to the fact that I was trying to tell her own body through drawing. However, as confident my client is now unlikely to be then she suffered such a terrible disease, whether it is at least a little closer to ourselves and not so self-assured and ambitious.

Now she attentive to everything that happens to her in life, attentive to yourself and your body, it is now the other trees in the figures, the but about this another time.

the Author is a psychologist Svetlana Gutar.

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