That helps choice?


bedtime we started with my daughter the conversation.

- Docha, and you was when you it was difficult to choose?

- Yes. For example, when choosing a toy on your birthday.

- what helped you to decide?

Mom, do you remember we bought two immediately, - she laughed.

I smiled, hugged her 10-year-old daughter and continued:

- Yes. Often created by the number makes it easier for people. But if the store is very large range. In such cases, you have to choose. The uncertainty hurts. Agree?


- Remember, I suggested you give yourself some time. Take something like the most and can be useful. To stay with this a certain period and then decide whether you want to buy something like that. For example, when we were choosing between dresses. He took one measured the house and returned to the store. Changed to one that is more suitable for you. it is Important to try and then make a choice. Instead of having to suffer before a choice, don't know what.

- Yes, exactly! Mom, you're a genius.

imagine this situation. Man must choose to friends or not friends. To live or not to live together.

Oh! I remember. It was hard to choose who will be my best friend. Each was asked: "I'm the best?".

- You solved this problem?

- Yes. I said that there is no better. You are the ones with whom I is always interesting and fun to chat with whom I feel good. I will every be friends. True friendship is when in any situation a friend ready to be there. And not for something, like candy or toys, but just.

Yes, my good, love can do just like that! Don't have to earn love or friendship.

We looked at each other.

- Yes, Mama, we're with you love each other just like that.

come on tell me, how did those girls react?

They began to demand every attention. Jealous, angry and offended at me. I said that friends is be happy. And envy and offended – it's bad and sad. It's more to give and give and not to demand or take.

- You're clever! Jealousy and insistence comes from lack. Often people expect others attention, care, gifts and love. But we can all give to ourselves! And not to feel emotions and not to torture others. Agree?


- And think about it, if we give, it means we have? How can you give what you do not?

- Yes!

- So, if you care about yourself and others, then you won't have to demand it from anyone and you will discover enough. Such people are called self-sufficient. At the same time and others you will be fine.

Daughter nodded in response.

- Well, back to the question of choice. You became friends with them?

No. I made a choice in favor of friendship with those with whom good. Who does not need to prove something.

- Wonderful! Let's tabulate the results. That helps choice? Number of. Right?


- Choice helps first act! It is important to try to decide whether you like it or not.

- That's right. How can I know you'll like it or not, if you don't try?

And to select useful to be in harmony with themselves and true to their values. There is always someone who will understand you and with whom you'll be fine.

- Okay.

- okay, sweetie, let's go to sleep. School in the morning. And tomorrow night, about something talk.

Silver Olga
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