About the fun.

a pleasure, as a sense is detected by the senses. And when it is, it is a pleasure, usually do not want to reflect and ponder – of which it is composed. I just want to be in it. Still - because the pleasure comes in achieving some sort of equilibrium, why bother to look for something?

But when it's gone, it's easier to detect this deficiency. And say what is missing. Okay and then - of which it is composed.

I like to periodically look at the book Gestalt therapist Natalia Cedar “the ABCs of emotions”. In this book she describes Fun as “a feeling of warmth inside and outside, of comfort, of fullness, of satiety and calm”. “Between you and the rest of the world is a balance”.

I always wonder - how the word what it can be and that can mean a part of it. When we say “fun”, it seems that there is something about “Will” and something happens regarding “Will”- “satisfaction”. And exactly when I want something, balance between me and the world is broken and I need to detect this and with the help of will (the will of something, desire for something) to get it.

for Example, sitting around watching a movie or reading a book (may have been the pleasure) and suddenly got some vague feeling that something is wrong. With the movie or the book? Chu, Yes, to eat just wanted! And then, depending on the extent of claims on the quality and quantity of food, you must include the will to stand up and create either a sandwich, or something more serious, I had pasta Carbonara, for example, worked.

 And while you prepare, the hunger only intensifies, you can really slices it to mute, but whether the pleasure of this J? So stand hungry frustration, flow of saliva, preparing a delicious. And in my version, this strong-willed act, when I “investing” in the menu, mentally and physically, can be rewarded not just feeling full, but happy.

So, to live this wonderful feeling of satisfaction, it is necessary to determine what you want, and then somehow get closer with this and prokonsultirovat (damn Gestalt language). I notice that in the psychological practice that clients are sometimes unable to recognize their need. From the “I want to eat, do not want, still eating». Besides the fact that it is harmful to health, they often live with chronic frustration, just not knowing - what is balance and where is the Will to get this situation resolved.

And then there are added, in order not to suffer greatly from intolerances unsatisfied existence, begin to replace desire difficult (difficult is very subjective).

In General, an interesting topic to study himself and his “pain”. Come to me to Gestalt therapy, is something to talk about :)

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