"Public" quotes, because theoretically the state is not involved in the process of procreation.

It's the same physiological process which involves people. Most often a man and a woman. Normally, when these same people are engaged in the education of their children. Unfortunately, there are individuals people who not only do not, but do not participate in their children's lives. The reasons they have for that million: alcohol, drugs, antisocial lifestyle less difficult life situation. In some cases, would-be parents think that their parenting is better to manage the state. In fact the education of these kids do strangers. Their whole staff. And in the meantime the children are experiencing a period of maternal deprivation, acquire some other emotional disturbance.

Every child dreams about his house. And in the social center, even the most wonderful, he expects that he will need mom or dad... that they will correct their behavior and will come after him. His life outside the home, it is a temporary difficulty, and that mom and dad are very good, but the people who took them out of the house too. Of course "state" there are children who have parents refused. Not allowed home before the New year, for example. Or brought themselves to the police and wrote a statement stating that the child bad behavior, or simply failed to meet expectations. All these children have one thing in common: they don't need their parents. A rare joint selfie with children and parcels once a month will not replace the love, care and parental attention.

And all this, together with the controls necessary rigor and tolerance share with these children and teenagers, people working in the social center. It does not divide children into "good" and "bad", "successful" and "blockheads". However, none of the best center will not replace a child's native family.
One day, a force of thirteen ordinary citizens to the "state" of the children received an unusual offer. "We want to give your children a holiday", they said at a reception at the head office. Already shared with the Department where the lives of the children meeting, it was decided to arrange the party outside the institution, for example, at the camp site. The proposal has passed all the necessary approvals, and then came the day of the trip. The children happily accepted the invitation to go to the camp, but what happened later exceeded all expectations.

At the bus stop, near the center of the boys and girls were in for a comfortable, big and beautiful bus. Nestles and having fastened seat belts, the children went on a journey. You know, it really hurts when malesici looking out the window of the bus and then cry out: "Look, here lives my mother!" "Oh, Oh, and then we walked with dad!", "I know, but in the house we went with mom to visit aunt Oksana..." ... Painful understanding that these "moms" and "dads", are the least interested in the life and health of their children. Indifference is becoming the scourge of our times? Perhaps, only partly. After all, "power thirteen" bus with the guys raced them to the concerned people who were waiting for them on a fabulous camp.

Know about this I want to tell. No, it's not a feat. Not a heroic act. Just these people for six weeks the students were trained to give ... the "state" of the children of the magic and part of his soul, themselves becoming good storytellers. While on a small area of the camp unfolded enormous size, seemed clumsy bus, on the porch of a small "Chamber" at a loss, stood a group of people. When the time came for the safe release of children from transport, these men greeted them as if their old friends with whom long time no see. "They are so hospitable that even a bit awkward," said the psychologist then senior girls.

the Program was designed to trifles: joust with a medieval representation and real fighting, sports, soccer, play on the Playground, the most interesting quest, and of course disco! It was all organized so that no matter where I rushed the kids next to them was a welcoming host. Together with the children, the organizers of the magic was running with the ball and prevent sports battles, "combed" coming to the camp surroundings, performing tasks of the quest, and even participated in a dance master class. All this action was spiced with delicious food and gifts, and most importantly non-judgment interest to each child.

Eight hours spent in the story flew by. The kids were sad to leave new friends. All together goodbye, waved their hands and painted hearts on the glass of the bus.

the Road back "on base" was quiet and even seemed a few short - arrived quickly. Every child and even accompanying adult in the bus thought about her. Somewhere in the back of the bus a little girl peering out of the window loudly shouted: "look, Look, and in this house, on the eighth floor lives my uncle!" Adult the boy furtively wiped away a tear. He said nothing about the fact that his mother also lives in this house.

So what are they, the "state" of the children? You know, they are the most common, such as our children. They are our children! The children of people who live in our state. But if it happens, they feel unwanted by their mother, the sense of urgency and importance they can give to other people. Let the power of thirteen.

how do you feel about organizations is not financial assistance for children in social centers?

Vashakidze Catherine
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