In psychology there is a definition of an action is the activity aimed at the achievement of the goal. In-depth understanding of the mental structures is the result of the energy components of a person, which vary widely in quality, strength and focus. The consciousness - force of the soul, manifests itself at different energy levels. You can allocate internal activity of thoughts, the flow of life, passion, and the search for truth and knowledge, the pursuit of beauty and good or evil, the pursuit of power, love, joy, happiness, luck, success, pleasure, etc. it Must be remembered that what we strive for, where to put their energy we will receive. For example, the energy invested in the search for truth and knowledge has its natural result – approval in truth and the growth of knowledge, the energy invested in the false action leads to accumulation in man lies, and ever more indoctrination in ignorance. The pursuit of physical health, creates a strongman or athlete, etc. this Is the usual situation in nature corresponding to our sense of justice, which is satisfied by the fact that the energy spent by us in the action, is directly proportional to the result of our actions. Wanting certain fruit, you need to take appropriate actions. Until we will not rise to a degree of self-awareness, which should become the main aspiration, we can be freed from the law society, the causes and responsibilities, no matter how much we tried, all attempts are doomed. Obviously, when a person commits ugly and low things, he surrounds himself with an atmosphere of misery, but if he is able to understand that his unhappiness from wrong actions, it is already the first step to eradicate the scourge.

Very often people do not want to see the ugly side of their actions and do evil from ignorance, unconsciousness and pettiness, guided by primitive instinct and go all out for your about well-being, which causes them to constantly commit low acts of different levels. This statement I do not divide people into good and bad as it may seem. Here we are talking about the level of transformation of personality through action. The thing in our subconscious.

the Subconscious is the realm of ignorance, as argued by Sri Aurobindo, or obscure Mind full of obstinate impressions, associations, negative emotions. This obscure material and controls our actions. The subconscious mind is largely responsible for our chronic illness because of the obstinate memory and habit of repeating everything negative that was recorded by a consciousness of the body. There is a strong view that everything on Earth is created, most likely subconscious depressed consciousness in which there is everything, but it is formless and is not expressed, and be expressed it can only be through action into reality. Ways, as you know, a lot, but the true path is creativity, i.e. creative self-realization. It is appropriate to recall why the thought is material. Formless emotional experience of the past clothed in thoughts and move into action to become a reality. The subconscious lies between life and body, it has the ability to connect to any primitive reactions to escape. Breaking out of primitive reaction form Samoobrona consciousness. That's why the subconscious is the main reason that everything in life repeats itself, but nothing changes, so we need to learn to realize the meaninglessness of repetitive thoughts and place those thoughts to enter a positive program or its purpose, thus it is possible unformed energy to issue and show in the right direction. Awareness is the Light and the power to change the subconscious. Today in HH1 century, to penetrate podsoznanie is essential to the integration and transformation of personality and it is not so difficult. In the waking state the way you show the emotions and thoughts that are swirling in my head. Developing a sense of self-responsibility can lay the Foundation for a prosperous future, changing the habit of responding to every negative experience, a negative reaction. Entrenched negative habit for evil to respond to evil, will necessarily lead to a situation where you need to vent his anger. If we see repeated situations only enemy, the situation will be repeated with increasing aggression, thus it is possible to stay long in this vicious circle, many men live a lifetime. Have to realize that the enemy we drew with primitive reactions that are present in the unconscious, moreover, we may not realize. All, any stress, any negative situation, in which the person is a long time, forced into the subconscious and there waiting in the wings to manifest in life. It is clear that it is difficult to forgive betrayal, treason, meanness, but if we think why this happen to me, what do I do, this is a big deal for the salvation of his soul and the ensuing life changes.

we are All in your mind create images of the external world to fit to life situations. If these images are negative, then the inherent hostility tends to turn against ourselves or other people, but this decisive factor, virtually no one is paying attention.

However, the tips we receive in our dreams, but dreams, too, are rarely considered. But in dreams it becomes possible to look at these manifestations of the psyche directly. Hostile images appear in the guise of other people, animals, nightmarish monsters, etc. Presented themselves, they affect a person's life, causing his reaction and state of mind, so is almost inevitable anti-social behavior. The images are separated from the "main identity" with the negative dialogue in your head and provoke emotional stress and muscle tension. Kindness to others in the waking hours will provide support for positive images in the dream and thus, we will strengthen health, as well as their creativity.

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