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more Women than men insist on going to a registry office and signing the official marriage.
there Are situations when men literally dragged the young lady in the Registrar's office.
Who are situationally advantageous, and drags. br>
the Deep and hidden motivation for insisting on formal marriage fear this.
the One who insists – afraid that a loved one is poorly bound, so the future is uncertain. br>
stamp in the passport does not give any guarantees for a bright future, but want to believe in it and hope. When hope dies, you know. br>
Women are more timid and calculating men in regard to relations. Girls relationship do since childhood.
In fairy tales, all the basic instructions spelled out. After the conquest of a Princess, to live happily ever after and the Prince is not dumped, modern storytellers (legislators) came up with the bond of marriage.
it concluded in the registry office, then the face men takes on marriage, these individuals show in wedding comedies. br>
Most aphorisms and anecdotes I imagine marriage is desirable for women, and horrible for men. For example:

In childhood I really was sure that when I grow up, I'll be the ruler of the galaxy.
And just from time to time I hide from the throne. And then I got married and found out that I'm a nobody...

- do you regret that you married?
- Yeah, well I'm not human or something?! Sorry for him of course...

- how clever am I that convinced you to marry me!
- It's not you're smart - I'm the fool!

• Not surprisingly, then not all men are eager to register their relationship officially. br>
But let's see if there are advantages of marriage for women and for men. br>
important For women the status of wife. Girlfriends jealous, not interested in men you can always say – I'm married to molested.
Yes, and the ritual of the wedding is very desirable since childhood.
there is a feeling of reliability, security. Maybe it's an illusion, but women are not always living in reality. the
Important legal certainty. Upon divorce property is divided equally, children have a father and his money in the form of alimony, and the birth of the guarantees that the child is now his, so it will be recorded in the passport and birth certificate.
This is not always the reality, evidenced by the massive evasion of alimony for different reasons.
Some of the guarantee funding from the men. Marriage implies that wages need to bring someone? the
Right – wife, who now is the second half of this half, too, need the money. br>
Here is the reasoning of a normal woman. br>
married, serious relationship, a man will not escape and will be forced to solve problems. You can plan a future together. the
Ring on the finger protection from the "werewolves" at work encroaching on family happiness. Common name necessary to comply with any formalities, for example, to go to the United Arab Emirates. br>
• Women's honesty and frankness.

For men official relations is very beneficial in the case that it is cheaper, and the woman more. the
Better looking, higher social status, good living, easy communication, she has a lot of fans. br>
Such women immediately offer to the Registrar. If he doesn't propose will take away from other men. br>
It is a variant of men's faith in the power of official relations. br>
For other men the marriage in such high esteem because it is associated with the loss of freedom, with the name-calling is rejected.
This belief that marriage is a prison, reinforce the girls that the young man has not got, single valued higher in the market of marital relationships than married. It is clear why. br>
There is another option. Man dear, and he settles to life around them, to decide whether a woman deserved to be there. Ready to marry only when absolutely sure that:

• With this woman, at least his life does not deteriorate and, as a maximum, will be better. Also, the chosen one worthy to put in your efforts, love, energy, money. br>
With that understanding, a formal marriage has its advantages. Man I want to believe that the woman together with attachments will not go to another. The very young lady believes that marriage is with him, forever. br>
• If the beliefs match, then relations have prospects. br>
Maybe there are people who does not want any relations, some only periodically.
the main thing is not to lie to yourself and clearly understand if you have decided to marry, you is why?
When there is an understanding that actions become reasonable and meaningful, then divorce to be less. br>

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