In recent times for consultation come the people who "lost" in their life orientations. They do not understand what they really need, why they need it, to what in the end want to come. Of course, in this case, it is easier to ask a psychologist: "what do You think? Give me advice in this situation? And what will happen if I go this route or choose another? And maybe You tell me, third?". No one argues that living according to certain rules or known algorithms are much simpler, but whether it's your and only Your life scenario? Do not stop if You are in this case to think for themselves? Who will be responsible for the outcome? Many questions arise and this is not all on the list, and the answer is to plan your life should be yourself, but it is only in the case that You are psychologically ready, i.e. not brought themselves to the state - "Nothing will work, not hurt you.". In this case, waiting for a private session. But if all is not lost, the topic of setting goals will be helpful. So, let's start:
1. Take a pencil and paper and write the following categories in this order:
- work/career
- life/property
- relationship
- freedom of expression in the works
- free time/travel
- development of personality/education
Then, on the basis of the current situation, write under each of the proposed categories that You would like to have, to change or improve in the near future. Think long is not recommended. The thoughts that come into your mind for each category must be entered, if it is considered realistic and achievable for You, with the efforts and striving to achieve it.
2. Take another sheet of paper (the second one) and describe in detail your ideal life (that would like to achieve ideally).
3. On that same sheet, write how You would like to change the world, if it were in Your power. You should get a fairy-tale world where Your life would proceed in the best way.
4. Again, take a blank sheet of paper (for the third) and make a list of 10-15 most important goals for You, as if You decided to implement them immediately. In compiling the list, I need to rely on a second sheet, which describes Your ideal.
5. Now write: "My goals for the next five years" and list important goals that You would like to achieve during this period. Write only the goals you want to achieve for sure without a doubt.
6. Then write down: "My goals for the next year." There should be no more than 5-6 most important. It is important to compare the goals for five years and one year for the presence of contradictions. They should not be in the list. Produce a correction.
7. Further, by analogy define the goals for the next six months, one month and finally one next week.
Council to create the list - remember what You seek, be realistic, but think positive!
In the next article we will talk about the second step - the planning the goals.
I Wish You success in achieving balance with itself and the world around you! Be happy in their own way!
Your psychologist, Catherine Agafonova.

Ekaterina Agafonova
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