the Promised algorithm for independent work with the inner critic.

Suitable in cases when the inner critic is too zealous and covers you with waves of self-reproach, accusations, comparisons not in your favor and discourage any desire to do anything.

1. Where is the part responsible for the criticism? Someone calls her inner critic, but you use the wording that responds to you. The part can be somewhere in the body, around it, next. Mentally place the part somewhere in the room, look at her

2. How does your inner critic? What it looks like, what image occurs? What size, color? The sound of his voice in those moments when it bothers you?

3. Set of the following questions.
when and from Where it came from?
In what situations it appears?
What she wants for you?
What is its purpose?

No need to analyze anything, just imagine what it do can you reply and let these responses arise in the mind.

If the question asks about the purpose of the answer seems "to you that you fell into apathy, to annoy you", then this is your answer, not part of what You used to perceive her as a pest, so such remarks I consider the most logical.

Meanwhile, no part of the personality does not want to destroy it. She reaches for something positive, but chose the way that you are not satisfied.

so, from the installation of that part is your friend and assistant, you ask what she wants and what kind of purpose.

When you receive a response, your task is to come up with other ways to achieve this goal and offer them part of you. br>
for Example, a part wants you to get better worked. Then you tell her that from a large amount of criticism nobody wants to work and propose another method: let her have encouraged me when something happens and you will have the enthusiasm to continue in the same spirit.

Or she really wants to point out that should fix it. Then you agree that she criticizes constructively and specifically. Not "you always screw it up", and "next time, let's focus on the speed/brightness/gestures/words/presentation"

After signing the contract, you have to thank your for your cooperation and concern for you and... continue to live.

You will be surprised, when you find yourself in a couple of weeks in high spirits and ask: hmm,and where did all this abuse on your own account? br>
Then again, thank the part responsible for the criticism and continue in the same spirit.

And in my part of the treat like, let him see that not in vain

Natalia burdukova
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