In this article I want to tell his vision of work with the consciousness, which is based on personal experience and experience with their customers. A little bit about what consciousness is. Consciousness is a state of being that includes awareness of being.That is, consciousness and awareness are not one and the same. We all have consciousness, but not all are aware. We can have consciousness in multiple dimensions, but in one moment our attention can cover only a certain part of our full attention at all levels of existence.
Consciousness can evolve:
1. Breadth - getting new information, knowledge, experience.
2. Deep - access to subconscious and unconscious.
3.Transformed - purification of consciousness, a new perspective, a new vision of past experience, the revision of attitudes, beliefs, limiting beliefs.
the Stages of transformation consciousness:
1. Pain. A lack of understanding. Task. Problem. Lesson. Difficult life circumstances.
Transformirovalsya through the acceptance of responsibility, release from the unconscious, through the position of the pupil.
2. Breakthrough. Understanding. Extension. Awareness. Insight. New level.
At this stage the person feels on top of the world, the winner. It is a personal inner success, his personal victory. People have moved to a new stage of evolution of your consciousness. But that's not all, it is important to stay!
3. Rollback. Compression. Again difficulties. The release of "dirt", the aggravation of old problems.
At this stage, the transformation is through the adoption of more personal problems, his shadow side and opportunity to see and study This kind of verification to strengthen the result to a new stage of development. During this period it is important not to panic, the more it can stretch for a long time.
4. Consolidation. Adoption. Result. The vision of the whole, overall picture. The realization of the lesson. Exit on new level of development.
Consolidation takes place when we accept your "dirt" all his experience, both good and bad.
it is Important to understand that the transformation of consciousness can occur, as quickly and long time, sometimes up to several years. How to understand what stage you are? To track the dynamics at the level of thoughts, feelings, body and environment. It must be different at all stages. How to know when the cycle is finished? When you are approaching a deeper layer of "mud", more is revealed the cause of the problem. When the cycle is complete, issue releases, and no longer worried.
for Example, the fear of being left by the partner indicates fear of being alone or in a state of dependence on him, the victim's condition. Any strong feeling, as fear tends to attract circumstances. The situation will continue as long as the lesson is learned, and the person will not be rest, confidence, and self-sufficiency.
Between cycles can occur a state of uncertainty. It may seem that nothing is happening or that everything hangs in the void. Here need to relax and simply live, allowing it to be.
the Process of transformation of consciousness occurs in cyclical stages and is on an upward spiral, and often affect a single life. Once a person reaches a certain level of awareness, his soul begins to consciously attract the experiences for maximum growth of the soul. Life lessons may not necessarily be heavy. At the beginning of the lesson is presented in a milder form. The process of cleansing may be only an inner experience, without obvious negative consequences in the outside world.

Dmitrieva Anastasiya
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