the alpha male and his girlfriend. (reflections on domestic violence).

it is believed that the dominance adorns the man.Perhaps the authoritarian, the ability to go ahead, compete give him the opportunity to be successful in business. However, I was often confronted with families in which a dominant male (alpha male) suppresses his wife. While the wife some time do not feel the inconvenience so excited the suppression of their interests, the norm in the relationship between a strong man and a woman, in addition, receives certain bonuses.

How is this pressure?

1. Direct impact on the woman in the form:

threats (if you don't do something, I'm leaving you....);
- the manipulation of feelings (if you love me, you will make ...);
- bribing (you will do as I tell you, buy you a...).

the Purpose of this pressure is the desired action. For example, the wife does not like meeting with her in-laws, every meeting for her ordeal, as the meetings of its negative assessment, teach to live. However, despite the husband that makes his wife to meet with them, resorting to direct threats: "you should do this or I will divorce you", or plan "because you know how important it is for me", either trying to bribe "on Saturday we go to my mom's, and Sunday shopping,will choose you a dress". As a result, the wife is forced to endure humiliation, to suffer from resentment and misunderstanding.

2. Creating financial dependence.

- my husband forbids his wife to work, arguing that she needs to give more time to children and home;
- the man tightly controls all costs;
- husband does not allow wife to switch to a better paying job.

the Creation of such a dependence allows the husband to be sure that the wife will not be able to live independently and support their children, so she will have to adjust to its requirements.

3. Cultivation depending on the conditions of life.

- comfortable apartment in a prestigious area, Villa, car, which are the property of the husband;
- provide various activities (travel, trips to prestigious resorts, interesting circle of friends);
- advanced care (SPA treatments, luxury fitness club).

Man, creating comfort believes that a woman who is accustomed to a certain lifestyle, it will be hard to part with him, and she will be forced to endure the complexity in the nature of man, to satisfy all his demands, even against his wishes.

4. Humiliation, insults, negative evaluations, which create

- increased anxiety;
- depression;
- a sense of guilt;
- apathy.

for Example, a husband who is constantly unhappy cleaned the apartment, cooked dinner, behave as children. He blames the wife, saying that she's bad, stupid mother...If a woman has no support from the outside, it affects the formation of her low self-esteem, deprived of energy, desire to live, to do something to improve your situation.

5. Pressure in the form of physical violence.

- beaten;
- forced sexual intercourse;
- personal injury and bodily harm.

This is the most severe form of violence. However, due to its Express nature, such violence often pushes women to retaliatory action:

- going to the emergency room and then to the police;
- leaving home;
- an application to the court;
- involvement in the solution of the conflict, social structures.

Despite the gravity of this form of domestic violence gives you the ability to convert the latent conflict into an open confrontation, which in turn can lead to change in the situation, the liberation of woman from dependence on dominant men (the alpha male), self-reliance.

Forms of domestic violence different. However, its essence is the subordination of the interests of one family member (most often women) to another, limiting opportunities for personal growth. This usually leads to the degradation...or revolt.

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