major Arcana Tarot - a system of characters which destiny has developed so that it is too often considered only guessing and predictive practice. However, the symbolism of the Tarot gives us archetypal information stored in the depths of the collective unconscious, that is, going back to the very beginnings of the origin of human consciousness.

we Can say that each Arcana Tarot represents a spectrum of States of consciousness, reflected in everything the human being in his worldview, system of values, events and actions, thinking, emotions, feelings and physical body. The development of Arcana by meditative dive gives you the opportunity to tune into these States, to be able to track them and correct themselves, to build their lives based on these milestones, etc.

Arcana Tarot: an archetypal depth

There are several traditions that are still in the 20th century were open only to the initiated, and today has grown into a wide spectrum of methods which can be described as "Meditative immersion in major Arcana Tarot". During meditative diving people offer a wide range of experiences, which is used for many different purposes.

We proposed a new perspective on major Arcana Tarot and a new method, which does not exclude the other, but can enrich them. With access to the archetypal level of work described in our books "the Magic Theatre: methodology of creation of the soul" and "Archetypal study of dreams" (both published by the publishing house "Bakhrakh-M" in 2008), we have the instrumental ability to penetrate the consciousness through the characters directly to their archetypal source and to initiate a strong enough transpersonal experiences. In the course of these experiences the researcher displayed an unusually broad layers of information (imagery, intuitive insight, physical and mental experiences), giving the opportunity to interpret how a particular Arcana Tarot manifested in his life and in the life of large systems - up to the evolution of mankind.

Arcana Tarot today: practice

In the modern world the use of symbolic systems such as major Arcana Tarot, Runes, etc., is an unrivalled tool in the practical work of specialists related to psychology and counseling (including groups, businesses, enterprises and organizations, entire industries and even ethnic groups). The time has come to comprehensively and with power to apply the potential developed different traditions: predictive, meditation, archetypal.

However, the market specialists - psychologists and counsellors - there is a shortage of professionals who could combine in their work the full potential of the Tarot and a full range of other working methods, from the predictive practices or in the depths of self-discovery and subtle tools of self-regulation (at very different levels – from the current state of the organism to the emotional background, thinking style, coloring of events and creation of destiny). Not to mention the ability to practically apply these tools to the structures of larger scale than a separate entity: the organizations, subcultures, ethnic systems.

the Second higher education in the field Arcana Tarot

In the 2012-2013 academic year at the International University of Fundamental studies (St. Petersburg) start of distance course "the Archetypal working with Arcana Tarot" the Department of Magical Theatre and Archetypal Studies. A one-year training program first in Russia, the official rate for this specialization in practical psychology. The lecture is organized as webinars, i.e. to learn without interruption from the place of residence of people from every corner of the Earth.

The program the second higher education we offer more than just learning practical narrow specializations (archetypal, meditative and predictive the practice of Arcana Tarot and the system Tree of the Sephiroth). Training course on the study of Tarot developed on the basis of broad ideological platform that allows you to link practical consulting work and with the basics of General psychology and psychology of personality (which is natural for teaching of psychology), and with broader issues of cultural studies, contemporary philosophy, knowledge traditions of alchemy and hermetic philosophy, psychoanalysis in its various versions (from Freud and Jung, to Lacan, Derrida, Deleuze and Guattari). And, very importantly – with the Archetypal psychology of James Hillman and Archetypal with a Technology developed recently me and my students. Archetypal Technologies are widely used in counselling, working with dreams and symbolic systems (of course, this includes major Arcana Tarot), as well as scientific research.

the training course of the International University of fundamental studies - the response to the need to significantly raise the bar of professionalism in the field of symbolic systems (which is currently in chaos and, unfortunately, plenty of one-sided specialists, and worst of all – charlatans).

Students will be able to master the methods of all types of consultancy works: predictive, meditative, regulatory status and processes, epistemological, and creative. It gives you the right to call our course unique. General psychological and listen to the original webinar lectures and wrote all homework assignments during the year, allowed for the writing of the thesis. After graduation (via the Internet), they will receive an official diploma about the second higher education (retraining) in specialty "Practical psychology" and specialization "Archetypal working with Arcana Tarot".

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