the Following element is Water, the universal symbol in all the world's civilizations and cultures. 

Water multifunctional way vklyuchayuschii 

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Water has a destructive component, as well as other elements. 

the Destructive aspect of Water has a sacred connotation. The beginning of the world is associated with Water and hence with Life itself.

But also the Water associated with the phenomenon of Death, including the myth of dead water.

the Representatives of this element (Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces) are emotional, spontaneous, impulsive, unpredictable. They are distinguished by dynamics and the ability to take in the problem.

However, watching these representatives of his friends, drew attention to one feature: the unfavorable development and the course of their lifetime with a lot of restrictions, taboos, the strength in them evaporates and charisma, as befits the water, and comes "necrosis".

In this aspect, the Association with the standing vodoemy or withered by the lake arises from the depths of the Unconscious and requires immediate reflection and introspection.

At the same time, under favorable conditions, the people of this element (especially Scorpions ) shake their vitality and is able to energize the lives of others.

Returning to the underlying issues, consider the universal myth of the universal flood. The meaning here is quite clear: there is the redemption of the water; the destruction of the wicked inhabitants of the earth in a number of myths and fairy tales also tells about the redemptive mission elements. ( remember the scenes where the evil witches are in the water as a result of either distress or crushing them with forces of resistance from outside).

the life-giving power of Water is expressed in the ability of Sky to water the Earth. 


This formula is the sacred marriage in the mythological worldview. Often the Water is compared to blood, sweat, semen, female excretory system).

And I must say that the element Water is traditionally women's.

When elaborating the programmes of femininity, its deformation in the form of asexuality, frigidity, often postulated hypocrisy or care in the negativity and the failure of men and its energy is essential to work with water.

a Special force of the Water is praised in some cultures, including in Taoism:

"nothing is more pliable water but a solid it will not win!".

Water generally ambivalent, as well as any element: it marks the beginning and the end of the world, carrying life and takes it.

by the Way, water appears as the greatest value, but at the same time, one can often hear about the verbiage, the expression "the one".

the Variability and dynamics, back in shape in this element is quite expressive and note that in the psychosexual aspect of myths can often find "male" water and "female" water. Rain, for example, is the equivalent of "male" of water. And earth's water sources traditionally female.

the Theme of water is so great that it requires more research and their adaptation in psychological key.

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