The Archetype Of The Fairy. The Energy Of Abundance


the archetype of the Fairy

Not coincidentally, the Fairy portrayed with wings, and often it's a young girl or even a girl. The archetypal energy of the Fairies is very light, joyful and playful, direct, and indeed little children. She is so thin and airy that sometimes it doesn't really seem carnal energy, it kind of disembodied.

This is a state of total all-encompassing love and delight children.

This is the potency of everything that happens around, full of cognitive interest, interest in life, and joy from all of this life.

At the same time, it is the energy of giving, of bestowing one and all without any expectation of gratitude. It's a joy joy to others, that your gifts delight.

Fairy can act spontaneously, from the heart, from the heart, creates out of love for the world, for people but not for myself. She's not obsessed with their needs, rather she is happy with the life and acts of affluence. It's all there, and if something is not, then the universe definitely will give her this – she did not doubt.

Fairy gets pleasure from giving gifts that may be both material and immaterial.

It can be and people that she has just casually, asking the right questions, clarifying the situation to man, it can be the focus in the right place or the sensitive Board, which will set the direction. At the same time, she does it very subtly and delicately, not bulging its merits so that the person feels that everything is done independently. Thus, helping, teaching, it is not constant, and increases self-esteem of others.

In this energy easily and as efficiently as possible learning takes place and coaching, because the Teacher (psychologist, coach) there is no reference to the result and achievement of your own, and have a desire to give, to help, to teach out of love, from the heart. Teacher takes a student with any of its result and helps to achieve more easily, effortlessly: to see and make mistakes, get valuable experience, build a new action.

If the energy is not enough manifested - the person is boring and stingy, annoying and haughty.

make Friends with the energy of the archetype of the Fairy (and all the other female archetypes), to incorporate it into your life, fill your life with ease and delight, you can in the course: "Facets of Femininity"

Suslina Galina
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