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I in the childhood did not have enough experience and knowledge on how to respond to poisonous educational arguments.
Example: "And if everyone went to jump off the roof, would you?". This is when the entire class decided to replace exploring physical education a day at the zoo.
Everyone asked the question – why did you go? The answer was standard – all gone. And then in a circle: "if all from the roof..."

I did not know then that can be argued and swore all together with a roof not to jump. Childhood is long gone, but still hear from adults of the same arguments.
But now I have the "antidote". It is not so much a refutation of the arguments as a way to get away from the conversation in an edifying tone, to show its inappropriateness, absurdity.
If you like it, get you and can creatively develop and complement. br>
let's Start with the above. br>
Hitting: "And if everyone went to jump off the roof, would you?"
Response: "if you're going to jump off the roof, you're not going?"

If the principle is understood, you can write a response to this sentence: If all goes to drown, will you come too? br>
Here's another common impact: "you don't think you presume too much?". the
Response: "If you think I presume too much, perhaps, you're largely deny yourself". br>
There still would be a decent tips, like: be humble.
it is understood that you insufficiently modest, in the opinion of the person doing the talking.
you Can, of course, reply that modesty adorns those who have no other decorations, but it can sound challenging.
Better to ask a clarifying question. br>
Modest someone? br>
Often prescribe to man what he should: you should be an example.
Here the answer of the question will not pass. If you ask "who needs", can always say: friends, wife, children, husband, party, leadership, etc..

another Possible answer is the expression "you must be the example."
I Have a function more important – I'm a scary warning! br>
of Course, for all cases to find the right answers, but you can always just keep quiet or leave.
Sometimes better to be silent than to come up with something clever. For example, with the command to philosophize is not always appropriate. br>
and finally, remember childhood. br>
the familiar phrase: "the sweet ass stick together".

the answer can be a joke.

- Mom, give me a toffee!?
the Indignant mother: Popa will stick together!!!!!!!!
- Mom... I put in his mouth...

the Child about the priest, he's about the mouth. After this, the resourcefulness, butterscotch baby put.
And why am I in the childhood was so trusting, it was better to be resourceful. But it's never too late.... br>

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