Reality is a bitch.

you Never know what else she'll do.

If our life, our plans, was a small fire, to maintain which we chop wood, Her Majesty would have been someone who then pours it in the oil, then splash water from a bucket, and then a firecracker finds itself, when you don't expect.

in Short, rest us can only dream of.

How to meet all this? The society, adhering to the ideas of castigators, tells us: "Forget it. Don't be sad. Go ahead. Use the moment of luck and to fail. No despair - don't even think" - a good message, constructive. And it is working, except for the fact that we are alive...

We are experiencing. All different: someone be angry at yourself and the world, someone gets upset and loses faith in himself, someone tries to be courageous and not to submit the form, keeping a calm exterior and uverennosti, someone runs into trouble, someone trying to distract myself and not think about it... But all of us is touched, can not touch it: after all, when you put a lot of effort, and it is not moved from the dead point is the truth hurt, and sad, and angry, and sometimes well, not desperately. As with all of this to be, when it is necessary "to Achieve. Flee. Ahead. Purposes. Progress. Motivation?"

the First thing that comes to mind - which is actually to give up and retreat - it's useful and cool. That is, it's good that I can lots and lots of work if I have mngo inordinately forces, and in General I'm good. But there's always the chance that I have all this violent energy is not directed there. And if strongly to be fond, so it is possible to spend every last drop, and ultimately be reduced to a pulp at all. As you can see, to perform, that there is no result. Accept your helplessness, powerlessness is to admit that "this is not working."

And give up...

It's not working.

This does not work, and it's awful.

What a nightmare...

It doesn't work as I thought. It works somehow differently.

...My raw logs, and the fire is small, in order to dry them. I should get the logs, or to find the ignition, or wait for dry weather... or anything else.

Give up is an art. Graceful, exquisite workmanship. This is a big and difficult job. Time to say to yourself: "stop! does not work!"is a way to save efforts and resources, and to find another workaround, working on a way to get what you want.

And surrender is hard and painful. You need a lot of courage to admit that you were wrong, that a mistake in the calculations have to be sad about wasted resources "is not.".. many matches I burned and broke, trying to ignite damp wood?

And that's a shame.

...How could I be so arrogant?

It is a shame.

...Now that you say about me?

It is alarming.

...If I can do this differently?

But if you do not surrender at all. If blindly believe that everything will work out, and with the tenacity to continue and to continue to do what you did, not retreating, not doubting...

...It may happen that the fire burns down, the wood will remain will remain raw. Mademoiselle Case - the windy girl with the ignition, water, and firecrackers, there's the bad assistant - it is not clear where wandering in the woods. And you never know when she deigns to look, and what she will come next time. And then you'll be alone in the woods, with wet firewood in the dark. And you will not die, but your path is thorny and scary. Sorry, I spent all match...

Zubkova, Anna
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