how Much do we know about the Baltic States, about her amazing mythological heritage, about the mysterious places of Power, about culture? I've never been a supporter of professional knowledge. And it is for this reason constantly feel the need to refresh or open any new intellectual horizons.
this time I remembered Mikalojus Konstantinas čiurlionis (1875-1911).that you know, to say that this is Lithuanian artist and composer, it actually means the care in the encyclopedic, dry and unattractive...
Mikalojus Ciurlionis - it is an intellectual avant-garde of the turn of XIX-XX centuries. whose work is so uniquely and deeply individual, that virtually anyone or anything can not be compared. And is it necessary?

Although I do not know why, but to me he always resembled ...little prince. An idealist, a Romantic, a philosopher, a Seer, a Creator...
Like any talented Artist, he was accompanied by criticism, misunderstanding. Indeed, čiurlionis opened a whole new perspective on art, on painting. And looking at it from a psychological point of view, you know, that it is the manifestation of his finest soul, not wanting to follow the historical path, to plunge into the confusion of public thought, to go in hard categoris and nihilism.
He was another. He plunged into the world of Fantasy. No, you can't say that čiurlionis chose escapism. On the contrary, reactionary strict policy of Emperor Nicholas II (Bloody Sunday, the suppression of democratic ideas) caused Ciurlionis desire to create for the good of Lithuania, which was part of . He transformed the energy of anger in creative direction, creating and dreaming about the unknown space worlds...

I decided all of my previous and future work to devote Lithuania

what is Lithuania čiurlionis times? The Grand Duchy of Lithuania, were part of the more powerful Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (Poland),at the end of XVIII century as a result of its division became part of the Russian Empire. Intensive Russification, accompanied by changing the Latin alphabet with the basics of the Cyrillic alphabet (1864 to 1904), however, have not brought neither for Lithuania nor Russia, positive results... Lithuania remains authentic, as does M. čiurlionis.
Remember, K. G.Yung wrote: "We must be ready to meet something supra-expanding our perception to those boundaries, which reached the consciousness of the author in the creative process. We should be prepared for the unusual form and content, thoughts that are perceived intuitively, a language full of values, and images that are true symbols because they best Express the unknown — bridges to the unseen, distant shore"
the Paintings of Ciurlionis symphonic. In his artistic compositions intertwined characters, feelings, and charming music. After čiurlionis is known to many not only as an artist but also a composer, you might say, a spring Lithuanian national music school.
And in the music of čiurlionis, and you can hear the whisper of the Forest, and the song of the Sea, and see the shining Stars...The language of creativity of M. Ciurlionis - the voice of the Universe calling us to reach new heights, to the discovery of the unexplored recesses of the Soul, to a real...
Hope Arkhangelsk
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