The attainment of Power - how to unleash the underlying potential


Attainment of Power, the disclosure of super-powers, the increase in internal energy – questions, relevant to many. If previously these topics had been confined to esoteric, often divorced from real life, today, these questions concern everyone who seeks to achieve success in career and business, suitable for rich, bright and interesting life.

Someone unfamiliar with the situation when there is still a lot of cases, and the state – like a squeezed lemon? The modern pace of life has put us before the fact: either we learn to find new sources of inner Strength, or gradually slipped to the margins of life.

the Good news is that the sources are. Moreover, they are accessible for everyone. Some of them are considered "secret" knowledge about human energy, the other - on the contrary, extremely simple and banal. The key is to use them systematically.

So how do we gain access to boundless energy and deep resources? Consider the basic building blocks that make up our strength.

let's Start with the sublime and interesting. When our ancestors climbed down from the trees and gained consciousness, they began to seek access to the opportunities that lie beyond it – in the unconscious. So there was shamanism – the first system that allows you to access deep, unknown and often frightening possibilities of our psyche. As a rule, these features were associated with some mysterious beginning, and continue to communicate to this day. It may be that the way it is, but we are not interested in it – what matters now is what mechanisms determine the effectiveness of such techniques, if we assume that no mysticism did not exist? So the healers manage to heal the sick, and shamans walk on hot coals, as the yogis do not cut with sharp glass, and Tibetan monks do not freeze, meditating in the snow?

Modern science can drink champagne – many of the answers already found. They constitute "the first brick" of our program – if someone managed to reveal his phenomenal abilities, the worse we are? For us there is no need to spend years on the attainment of yoga or Taoist alchemy, or retire to the mountains for long meditations. It is important for us to find the keys that will allow you to quickly and effectively raise your energy to a higher level.

However, before you begin learning the vast ocean of hidden resources, it makes sense to put in order a much more mundane and banal things. Starting with the fact that is often ignored – our physical condition. It forms the basis of adaptive abilities of the body. And it is very important to balance different types of loads, each of which solves its task. So physical flexibility is inextricably linked to mental flexibility, contributes to the rapid removal of stress and slows the aging process; to train mental balance is a balance training of a body; for exercise endurance aerobic exercise, while anaerobic power training increases our power potential and prevents age-related loss of calcium from bones. Accordingly, our comprehensive system of training needs to take into account a minimum of 6 parameters that make up the adaptability of the body: flexibility, endurance, balance, focus, speed and muscular strength. In the vast majority of cases it is outside of one sport. Right to combine your sports schedule is a separate art required for full strength.

the Following "building block" organization and time management. It would seem that the inner strength is irrelevant, but it's a trap. Organization can be a powerful source of strength – it's hard to overestimate the energy boost that gives you a sense of control over their own lives, but its absence may be a hole through which flies and our time and our energy, and our life.

With organization and self-management is closely linked to the following key element in the attainment of power – the balance of priorities in life, motivation for current activities and elaboration of the common strategy of life. Otherwise, we are faced with the feeling that not doing their job, which leads to very quick burnout, chronic fatigue syndrome and depression. By the way, this is connected with another element is proper rest, which also need to plan.

the Next basic unit of our system – work with the society. Society can squeeze out of us forces, but can be a source of tremendous energy. And it's not just who we are and what types of positions occupied: predator or prey, dominated or forced to submit. A source of Strength may be the ability to go beyond social conventions and restrictions, and use them to their advantage. In fact, this is what the man Castaneda had called the mysterious word "stalking", and today is increasingly called social engineering. But this is a topic for another conversation, detailed and thorough.

so, to recap the key positions of our system. To gain inner Strength and improve life energy we offer:

  • bring order to the physical body;
  • develop a Clear life priorities, and life strategies;
  • to Implement reliable techniques time management and self-organization;
  • Enhance your social effectiveness;
  • learn techniques to work with the deep resources of the body and psyche.
  • For those who are ready to move on to new opportunities, a new life and a new energy level is created by our coaching program, "empowerment", which allows to reach a qualitatively new level of physical strength, energy potential and personal development and freedom to be your True self.

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