+++++ the SECRETS of SEXUALITY+++++br>

the attitude of the PHALLUS

a lot depends on our mood, our relationship to a particular fact, person, symbol. Attitude determines our further cooperation. br>
Today I want to talk about the relationship of women to the phallus. br>
Many girls on my training answering the question "How do you feel about the phallus?", they say "well...don't even know...., you need something?", and someone openly declares that he had not very good feelings when interacting with a penis. For example, oral sex so women don't bring any pleasure, but many are just unpleasant. and, man, feeling it begin to lose particular desire for this woman. br>
If the girl revealed this attitude to the penis partner, we are changing it. br>
We accept the fact of its uniqueness, awesomeness and even of the divine nature.

If you look at the development of society since ancient times, we see that the cult of the phallus has existed for many centuries in the culture, not only Greek, Indian and Roman, and was extremely widespread among the Slavs and many peoples of the world. He was deified and brought praise, performed rituals to a fertility and increased potency of men. br>
Then, both female and male genitalia was considered a sacred, life-giving and enjoyment. br>
Now, if imbued with the essence of the phallic cult and worship of the great mother goddess (which we'll discuss later), you can change your attitude to the sexual organs. br>
After all the phallus is the symbol of all men. It his Self, you might say. This is what defines his strength and masculinity. Man strong sexy, strong and successful in social life, because it deeply believes in himself. br>
the biggest insult to any men is the recognition of woman as an inept lover, and his phallus, as "nothing to represent". Such injuries are not experienced by men, and cause profound damage to self-esteem. br>
But the attitude of women to the penis as something important and beautiful (and, importantly, the sincerity of that), gives man so much effort and energy! He was ready to move mountains. (although a few men admit that your attitude toward their phallus has such great value). br>
However, it is important not to treat the phallus too gently and with such tenderness, which will disappear any, even the most powerful erection. The phallus is a symbol of masculinity and POWER. And treat it as an expensive and collectible guns, and interact with courage and determination. br>
With love your Victoria Baltina

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