The attitude to the disease (Scalenine Yes harobi)


... I Believe that developed countries still separate the sin from the person (or a person separated from his sins). Ie, see in every person the image and likeness of God, no matter in what condition at the moment, the man himself is. Hence the respect for the personality of each person, whoever he was.

in the same way separated from the man and his illness. May not call her sister, but I know that sickness is not the man himself, but something (someone) apart from him.

Russian psychologist wrote on the forum, which discussed this topic, what is still more correct to speak not about developed countries and developed people. Because "that man in heart and mind he sees around". All the way. There is work to do.

- People, patients with dementia, dementia, schizophrenia, etc., after death will not be resurrected, because why? And the Second coming of Jesus Christ ‘them’, this is approximately what I wrote on the same forum and the same topic of another psychologist. At the same time as "space ships travel through the Universe," we, unfortunately, still live in a Country of waste materials.

- I introduced myself to the medical Board in Paradise, which issues a certificate, to resurrect people or not - written by the lady literary critic, when we discussed this topic on Facebook.

I Remember how my grandfather from the neighboring hospital of the house asked me why patients in wheelchairs to go outside. - And he that is in the hospital not enough air? he wanted to know ... But well, when people are interested in and listen to the explanation when questioned about patients and ​​about volunteers when I admire the hospital staff who perform this type of ​​hard work. Much worse when they're cold, "impenetrable" arrogant indifference.

When is our "top" and "bottoms" you will understand that even people with the most severe form of dementia requires not only clean diapers, food and care, which he sometimes wants to run away as far as possible? Or maybe it is better "all in the oven" to suffer?

I have been working with patients for the second year, the fellow fourth. Diagnoses may be the same, and people are completely different. Some are very friendly, good-looking appearance, worry about roommates, sympathetic. Other - aggressive, angry, cranky, but with a good attitude and they can change for the better. In addition, almost all patients sometimes comes enlightenment, and they are for some time to come "in your mind". Many very positive effect our fathers-the priests - Orthodox and Catholic. These people are able to enjoy, Express your feelings, to be real. That they can even learn. And they understand very well what emotions came to him another person.

In developed countries, such people are suitable, safe conditions, and "worlds" in which they live, are studied by various experts. Because science does not stand still, and maybe very soon we will have a very different understanding of these diagnoses.

... a Smiling grandmother walks out of the room into the corridor. Her beautiful smile radiates kindness and leaves no one indifferent. Sometimes grandma crying because he realized he did not remember how many children she had and where is her home. My grandmother had dementia. But perhaps her spirit is not damaged severe illness.

the Image and likeness of God "visible" when you're with a person one-on-one, just as "neutral" psychologist, which person does not need, and he feels it. Then it is possible to see at least used "reflections" this beauty even who sank to the deep bottom.

a Selection of articles about patients in the nursing Departments:

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- Luz, ailing on dementia, labaume, sizemenu, I. G. D., Pasila smart not voskresnut, Bo navoshta? I More Pryse Jesu of Christa "IX" - prably so NAPs in th MS forum that I ¡MS the TEM NSI psycholog. I geta ¡the hour, Yak "spaceships travel through the Universe," we, unfortunately, truncated ASCE given have Crane alpacamania material.

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Pamatay, Yak Zadok z z sosednego balnca home spyta have Myane, navoshta pacienta have nwalsh Vasko vyvazeci on vulco. And im into, balnce of Pavitra not hope? - packable Yong ... good Ale, Kali Luz scavezze I clohesy tlumaczenie, Kali reputasi great paziente I great balancer, Kali, souplesse superzoom balnce, aka wykonawcy saikou pracu. Bo nasmat gorsh, Kali astracanica z Holodny, "narany" Samani abacausa.

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I pracuju s takm pacientam go druhi year, kalega - cativity. Diagnose moguce bici delcavid and Luz - absalyutno roznym. Adny - velm dobrzyca, W pryemna senesniu, Yana peragawati for suseja PA Palace, spacebase im. NSIA - agresia, evil, all niezadowolenie, ale of great good stalinin I Yana mogotsi, manazza ¡the best side. Yeah Tago praktyczne W VA sh pacienta hours, adiverse prosvetlenie, and Yana for hookworms hour prikazati "¡ your mind". On megh wellm stanoch please Nasya icy-Sematary - pravoslavi I katlc. The Gety Luz MESI schira, raduazzo, wikispace pile pachucos, bici sapratni. Getamu ¡IX can navat, pavucina. I Jana velem good resumes, s ACM emoriam Yes IX Pryda NSI chalavek.

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... Osmesa grandma wychodzi s chamber ¡Kaldor. Yaya chrona Semechka vibrative dobrogicus I ncogo not pace abacavir. Clock grandma crying, Bo resumee into nya pamatai, Kolk ¡jaja Zaza I Jo znachodzicca the house. Have babul dementia. But, mercyme, duhon ASNOVA susm I not pascagama caicai harobi.

Obraz I pagamento Bogie "propedeutica", Kali zetaesse s chelovekom himself-NASA, menaut Yak "Natalini" psycholog, yakomu hell chalaveka nooga nya treba, and Yong geta alcove. Tady mercyme bacici HOCl would "vtbls" getai pegajosos navat at th hto Apostle at the very bottom of the circulation.

Podborka articula great pacienta Azzalina sestrinskogo hotel:

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