I do not like psychotherapy, deposited on personality change.

Maybe because I was therapeutically/treated/investigated it. Or is it because she's not professionally trained. Can be.

maybe because it does not suit me. Don't see the point. I personally. No one claims not to have.

maybe because, like cognitive-behavioral. Because it helps you quickly sorientiruetes in the present and is fused to improve in the future.

And for me the most important question in our work with clients - "What do you want?" See it! Tell me! Feel!"

Take a deep psychotherapy. Long time wandering in search of the cockroaches (and the therapist in that number - for professionals - "countertransference") and with great interest consider them. Oh! how special they are! This is interesting, I admit. For the science of psychology especially. And what for the client? When it will pay attention? They do?

And it tells us about the dynamic psychotherapy - "that's when you understand, accept - and then refers to himself will be good"! Here I work hard and say: "you can't just start being nice to myself?"

And cognitive behavioural psychotherapy says: "Can. Treat. Start. Do. Try it. Formulate the task. Set a goal! What? Are your thoughts that bother you, tell you what you can't do it? Forget it. Your life is like a loaf of bread that is baked every day. Yes, you bake it from what you have, but you choose the ingredients yourself and ensure the baking process is attention and love."

Love yourself and life! "If you want to be happy, be them!" - wrote Kozma Bars.

that's what I love cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy.

R. S.

We know from the science of psychology, that attitude is self-esteem and confidence. And if the foundations of the self are laid in childhood, depend on the relationship of others to the child, then what can we do? How to help the person?

pursuing the development of zamowienia, we will constantly encounter resistance from the client, his evidence that he was "bad" and "unworthy," etc., etc.

Confidence is more dependent on the performance of the client. And it is important to find the right motivation for a person. For example: "others are doing and you can do this", "do not mistake the one who does nothing" that "trains, and develops".

it is important For people to begin the path to positive change in your life, then the attitude changes, and relationships become better.

Look at your experience, didn't you?

Bobarykina Lyudmila
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