As you know, birds can fly and not fall when they are fully functional in both wings. If one of the wings partially or totally incapacitated, the flight becomes impossible.
the exact same rule applies to the balance between "take" and "give".

And this applies to absolutely all spheres of life. If a person only gives, there are two risks:
a) a resource that is not being renewable, will run out in
b) repelente, taking advantage of the situation, "sit down".

In situations when the person only receives without giving in return, then he, considering that it should be, over time, begin to not just ask but demand to give more and more often. the
Donor, in turn, if he understands that the situation is not quite adequate (and if he, the donor, everything is in order with self-esteem and self-worth), over time, partially or completely distanciruemsa. If you do not understand, then it just start to use, still requiring a...

to speak more specifically, I propose again to refer to the Balance Model (symbolic, though!) the method of positive psychotherapy. br>

If, for example, in the field of body we only take, but give nothing in return, sooner or later it will begin to fail. Accordingly, somatic problems will not keep itself waiting. I once heard the body compared with a machine that should work. That's just, no machine will work, first, smoothly and clearly, and secondly, without fuel, and thirdly, without proper. Similarly, our body needs proper rest, timely and balanced diet, as well as in various processes. Cosmetic, and, if necessary, and medical, including prevention.

the Imbalance activities will soon lead not only to burnout and increased stress levels, but likewise may result in disease. But at the same time and conflicts at work (if speech about it). More specifically, it looks like this:
a) "deficit": the person is not devoting enough time and energy to his production duties, it can deprimiruty, to reprimand or dismiss.
b) "brute force": a man for various reasons has taken on a lot of responsibilities, which sooner or later begins to not be able to cope. As a result, he is forced to work overtime or on weekends, which of course is exhausting and unnerving for physical and mental functioning.
Or the boss sees that timing of tasks is not respected, and draws conclusions about the lack of competence of the employee. The result - see under paragraph "a".

Considering the ratio of take/give in the field of relations, it should be remembered that any relationship (marital, friendship, business) are based only on reciprocity and mutual in their contribution efforts. If the relationship is working only one side, it quite naturally leads to the termination of the relationship (see above note about the "donor"). br>
the same principle of balance applies to the area of fantasy/. Only here our contribution and the related "dividend", somewhat peculiar. In the sense that they are not as visible and tangible as in other areas.
I'll Try to explain... for example, in this area we have invested weekly visits to museums and exhibitions. Or listening to thematic lectures, courses, etc. And the result can come not at once. And, for example, only when you will be in a friendly position or a special event.
And just as a foreign language. Many are still starting to learn it in school, often wonder, what's the point. And he's straight! Once, for example abroad, a person will not feel uncomfortable when not able to ask a simple question or to answer...
So, I'd say the "highlight" of this region is otsrocennosti effect. Ie - give/invest now, and take/get after some time.

unfortunately, otherwise this principle does not work. As I said above, you cannot only take without giving in return, or only to give, without taking anything. Otherwise, you will have to "clean up" the consequences.


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