this phrase often begin the story of my clients, when seated in the chair opposite. After this sentence, I get your forms.

Today I will tell you about one of your favorite techniques for working in such cases. Most often in such situations, the reason lies in the lack of life balance. This is a situation where life is based on conflicting values. For example, most appreciate health, but they work 17 hours for wear and a bonus to relax do not know how.

a Few questions, and it turns out an interesting point. If a person says that "everything is bad" - it means that much bad in one area of life. And the other right.

' attention is pulled to where the sick. Tooth pain will make you forget about his great career, a loving husband and wonderful friends. This is a natural reaction. But! At a time when there is an imbalance difficult to quickly understand exactly where he is "hiding". For this we need these wonderful forms.

the First thing to understand is your value of life. For this I offer a job that you can perform yourself right now:

Choose the most important values from a list and arrange them according to importance for You personally.

the result is immediately visible priorities and life goals. Sometimes at this stage there is a contradiction.

the Next step. In 5 minutes we fill sector and get "photo" of life. Try it now to answer the question:

— how many points (0 to 10) I am satisfied with every area of life: family, work, friends, leisure time?

of Course you get the picture — a reflection of your perception of life. Something similar.

Now the most important:

  • Low. Look at the sectors where there is a strong failure (low points). This is the desired reason for the same "pain", which immerses you in a negative state and all-consuming force. However, as practice shows, people spend very little time on improving this area. Usually want to do what is good work.
  • Maximum. The most developed of the sectors, where maximum points on the contrary gives inspiration, but it takes time and effort. So if you are all excellent in career and personal life you are not happy then think about how you can allocate time and effort in both of these areas.

Two sectors (minimum and maximum) is a point of imbalance and contradictions. Them we bring them into balance with additional technologies.

If you need assistance in creating a life of balance, sign up for a consultation.

Together we'll find a way to find the right balance!

sincerely, psychologist Irina Savinova.

P. S. I Recommend the book on this topic. br>

Savinova Irina
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