The benefits and harms of affirmations

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Rules for creating and using affirmations

You can create a list of useful phrases (positive convictions, affirmations), which will set you on a healthy lifestyle. it is important to follow some simple rules. The basic rule of their compilation - affirmations must be:

  1. Positive (affirmative form).
  2. Refers to present or future time.
  3. first person.

These positive affirmations you can read, rewrite, write on pieces of paper and hang it on the mirror in the bathroom, in the hallway. They improve mood, create a positive mood, increasing the desire to live and be successful.

an Example of affirmations that are harmful or useless, although logically it seems all right:

  1. I don't have to hurt.
  2. we Must not forget to take documents.
  3. I won't get nervous.
  4. I should not smoke.
  5. My husband isn't going to hurt me.
  6. I didn't cheat on her husband.

  1. Developing disease,
  2. Documents forgotten
  3. the Excitement of increases.
  4. the Number of cigarettes smoked getting bigger.
  5. Continue to be offended more efficient.
  6. Husband more make sure your treason.

the Correct way would be:

  1. I be healthy!
  2. it is Necessary get documents.
  3. I absolutely quiet.
  4. Tobacco smoke nasty.
  5. I listen to husband.
  6. I true my husband.

How to pronounce?

Use tone of voice and gestures. You can say some kind of absolute truth, e.g. "the Sun rises in the East" or "My name is ...", and with the same intonation and degree of conviction to pronounce another sentence.

it is Important to speak affirmations:

  1. Confidence (without a shadow of doubt).
  2. exhale.
  3. With step-down intonation.

Feel how to straighten out your shoulders, and lips themselves stretched into a smile.

it's Good to present in pictures (important not the words themselves, and generating their way).

the Best time for reading (pronunciation) – in the evening directly before bedtime and in the morning immediately after waking up when asleep inner critic, giving Transavia as for best contact with the creative unconscious.

Exercise List

Write a few of their useful affirmati

  • _______________________________________________________________
  • _______________________________________________________________
  • _______________________________________________________________

Each affirmation is useful to strengthen with the activity "Booster".

the activity "Booster"

For each judgment an "X" will continue to offer and make a note.

"X", because ____________________________________________________

"X" as well as _____________________________________________________

"X", despite ___________________________________________________

Take, for example, "X" = "I'll be healthy".

Sample run:

"I be healthy, because health will allow me to enjoy life. Be healthy as well as to admire the sunrise. I'll be healthy, despite the fact that I was now aching back.

"I disgusted to smoke, because it is harmful. Tobacco smoke is repugnant as well as to the smell of burning rubber. I indifferent to cigarettes, despite the fact that my wife smokes."

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