Once long ago in the period of my work in the gaming division of a big software company, I was responsible for training sales managers ("internal coach"). Had to learn everything from genres to display on the shelves in retail outlets. Engaged children and adults games. Of course, I as a practical psychologist was always very interesting, useful does this activity - computer games, that are good. Fortunately, the avalanche of criticism we have already provided, but I always thought that every coin must have two sides, so I was looking for a second, and occasionally going back to this issue.

I will Not go into details (and I have collected quite a lot of scientific publications of the time, Western scientific medical and psychological journals), and since then they became even more. Let me just say that really there are many studies that support the idea that electronic games (well, not only PC, consoles, tablets - any gadgets) is useful for brain development in General and in particular. With reservations, of course.

so, in order not to turn this into a scientific tediousness (which I will publish later), I will give briefly the reservations, and examples of games and Goodies.


1) the Game can't turn into obsession. If it is not - refer to clinical psychologist/psychiatrist know what's going on. Note that here the role of the game itself are minimal - obsessive thoughts and actions occur in and around everyday items, and around anything else.

2) the Game can't pull the social functions of man. There is a time for playing (fun hour), and it is time for the rest of life (work - time). If not, visit a psychologist, understand - what's wrong with the motivational sphere, with personality, with a social circle. Again, the game is a symptom, not a cause. It should be clearly remembered those who like brutally away from children tablet, and nothing in return they do not provide (especially itself and its parent communication). I generally watched from the side behind him in his youth and understood "playing" when the night developed of the Egyptians in "Civilization" and were "Vikings" and other "Fallout". With a more conscious age (by the end of the Institute) is vanished, and the work was quite difficult because of this - it was required to play, and tired ))

3) the Game can be cruel. If you see a blood-drenched virtual monitor in the nursery - see item 2.

4) the game can't hurt the head, eyes, ears, and other organs. If not reducing the time, increasing the monitor, check the vision and so and so. Be sure to note: EVERY potentially dangerous game (LICENSED!) listed contraindications. How not to ride the rides to people with epilepsy, the exact same different contraindications, there are ALL sold officially licensed games (otherwise they would have just not released).

5) don't wait for the miraculous recovery of cognitive function. If the brain specifically affected organicheski or with age, is a neurologist, not the gamers.

6) Probably still have reservations, please write in comments ))


1) Pumped skills app, gadget and concrete jobs that offer programs. These same skills can (can! but not necessarily!) be transferred in "real" life. For example, the chess trainer will definitely enhance the child's ability to play chess, but not the fact that pumped player will be able to build a business Empire in the real world. Rather, the contrary. It's just a different thing.

2) We are analog, not digital. So whichever gadget push on the gas pedal, better in real life led will not. But to prepare the tickets for the SDA or to learn how to disassemble engine - a sweet deal. thus, computer simulations can serve as a great reference.

3) "do as I Do". Program tutoring, yoga, meditation, music, breath, or English and etc-SUPER!

4) Simulators of cognitive functions. Yet, while the issue is not something that has not been studied, but expect trainers too much not worth it. The same, however, as of books with tasks to improve memory. But nevertheless, I am very much against when someone else will tell you "Yes, you're wasting your time". You know, when children eat chalk? When really do not enough calcium. It may well be that we begin to memorize the squiggle or high excitement to manage escaping from a cat with a mouse, it is when our brain needs it... Who knows these 80 billion neurons.

what to pay attention?

the equipment type "In mind", Lumosity, Sudoku, "mysteries of da Vinci" word games and prostigospodi, hangman, chess and checkers, Cut the rope, quests, but a lot of them, would I be able to transfer? Lean on "Reservations" and "Good". When it's time to turn off the gadget and return to the real world? When it starts to stretch you, or someone from others. Yes, for children signal parents give. But don't be too harsh, a full hour for fun in the modern world is, including, and half an hour, useful carried out with the gadget. And may the Force be with you! ))

Alex Michalski
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