The benefits of the female orgasm


the brain is Biologically more men adapted to having an orgasm.

women Have an orgasm “awakening”!
And this can be done at any age (after puberty of course)!


1. Health. the
Orgasm – tone “intimate” of muscles, which has an impact on the health of the female endocrine and urogenital systems. Lack of orgasm in women leads to stagnation of blood in the genitals and pelvic organs, which is fraught with menstrual disorders, worsening of premenstrual syndrome, stress… stagnation may be the cause of development of fibroids of the uterus and polycystic degeneration of the ovaries.

2. Fertilization.
During orgasm changes the acidity in the vaginal environment that helps the germ cells of that lucky guy who brought a woman to orgasm. Because in normal condition the environment around the cervix of the uterus is very acidic and therefore aggressive to the spermatozoa.

3. Emotional well-being. the
Absence of orgasm can cause disorders of the nervous system, sleep disturbances, discomfort and pain in the pelvic area, as a consequence – hysterical reactions, migraines, irritability, depression, depression.

4. Remedy for insomnia and fatigue. the
Quality orgasm improves sleep, making it calm and serene. Due to the presence in the blood of the high content of hormones responsible for the condition of the nervous and muscular system, the body completely relaxes, causing the man fully regains his strength.

5. The formation of attachment relationships with partner.
it is Proved that during orgasm, the blood receives a record number of oxytocin (men and women), which inspires confidence, a sense of belonging and love. Thanks to the release of oxytocin intensifitsiruetsa the feeling of attachment and affection to the partner after sex.

 6. Reduction in pain.
During orgasm blocks the release of neurotransmitter responsible for pain perception and aktiviziruyutsya the release of endorphins, which can reduce the pain. During orgasm the ability to recognize pain is reduced by 106,7%. So “headache” – this is not very relevant reason for avoiding sex.

7. Stimulation of brain activity.
During orgasm there is a powerful surge of blood and oxygen to all areas of the brain. This means that the brain is actively powered during orgasm.

the Woman always feels more powerful orgasm than a man. However, her orgasm depends largely on emotional factors rather than physiological ones. Therefore, in dealing with the experience of orgasm will help a qualified psychologist with sexology education.

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