we All love to read the history of the life and success of famous people. As a rule, these stories are imbued with bitterness of loneliness and regret about the lost personal happiness. May be this is the price of fame, but isn't it too overpriced and who sets this price? This question can be answered only by our soul. In this example, regression into past lives my client are looking for answers to these difficult questions.

What happens now?

I feel some pressure from the top

Can You make the motion?

you Can, Arms and legs, one can twist.

In what capacity do You feel?

the First thing that came ballerina

Where You are?

a spacious

Light or dark?

It is large, spacious. Not bright, not dark

Is there a window?

There are Windows, steps wide large top.

If you follow these stairs that you can see?

There are people sitting and watching on stage

And where are You?

I am for people standing

On the stage showing something?

There the action some.

How people are dressed, what is the age?

curly Wigs, glasses , age 17-18

How You're dressed?

I'm a little something

How old are You?


You came there on purpose or are there permanently?

I came to see. A lot of people, it stalls, they all look on stage, I'm standing behind them.

You often go there?


Which country is that?


You went there alone?

Yeah, nobody's with me

Why do You stand behind the audience and not with them?

the Feeling that I should be on stage

In the evening, or at all?

All. I would have felt more comfortable than back here

And You were once on сцен6е?

Yes, I played there

It was one time or more?


It is at this stage?

I do Not know, may be different, but all so familiar,all familiar, as though every day I still do know.

Where do You live?

the apartment is small


Or alone or with their parents, men next do not feel

What do the parents?

Employees of some

They live in poverty or they have wealth?

towards poverty

How did You get into this theater as it appeared

I came to try their acting skills

what is happening on stage is a ballet or a play?

most of the show, because I can not hear the music, no there is no jumping, just action. I would like to be a ballerina, I like in the dressing room to try on clothes.

How You got into the dressing room, who are You empty?

She went, I'm very interested in.

Parents approve Your choice?

No, they would. so I was as they were gradually made, and the art doesn't make much, but I want to.

You took to the theater or not?

Well, if I'm not here for the first time, Yes, but on stage I do not see myself. Maybe while as a student.

Okay, now on the count of 3 You will find yourself 5 years ahead.1,2,3

Where are You now?

I do Not know where, but dressed and made up as a ballerina

What are You doing?

I Stand at the mirror

what You look Like?

In a tutu, wearing ballet shoes, on the head meditates, wearing a white, sparkly earrings, lips painted in red.

What are You going to do?

warming up before a performance.

You have to go on stage, not as a pupil but as a primary?

Yes, and very beautiful. I don't main, but I considered I at a fairly good level dance. I'm alone, empty hall of mirrors around in the room and I'm alone. Beautiful, but I can't see me.

You say this with regret, I would like to go on stage more often?

Yes, I want to give people joy, art, to see their sparkling eyes and experience it with them.

In your personal life something has changed?

I have one.

is There any fans?

Yes, a lot.

That hinders to select from someone?

They love me and my talent, love for what I do,not as a woman.

As parents relate to Your occupation?

Already more loyal, you want to go. You choose your own path, then we don't ask anything. But they are glad that I have a lot of fans that I have talent. But apparently they show the calmness and coldness.

Why do not they show that they are happy?

afraid to admit that they were wrong, they wanted me in a different direction to forward. I am very beautiful and lonely. On stage I Shine, but then they come into the dressing room and feel so alone, I cry because I'm alone. For the tinsel of this poor.

If I will disguise myself and go down the street, no one will pay attention, without his talent I don't need anyone, my personal qualities are not considered and valued. Sorry for myself, I want to cry.

Okay, now on the count of 3 You will find yourself in the very last days of this life. 1,2,3

What happens now?

Everything is dark. It's dark on the stage, the stalls are empty, no one is the same place. No lights, no nothing, just an empty, dark building.

Where You are?

Sitting in the porter.

How old are You now?

Closer to 60.

recently I often come there. As a home, I know that it's all mine. Walking on this red carpet, sit on the chair. I'm no one.

One because nobody showed up or someone was?

was, but not the same. I married a judge of my talent, he was very rich, but I wasn't happy with him because he's my personal nature and could not see.

Where is he now?

He died.



do you Have children do You have?

No, I wasn't allowed to leave the scene. I am very sad because of this. The husband was not allowed to leave the stage and have children, he wanted to be in the rays of my glory. Personal I was not happy only on stage, when I entered the room.

You will not regret that chose this profession?

I wanted fame, I achieved it, even through parental restrictions. But there were always tears of bitterness. Really happy I never did.

What now?

I still sit on the ground. I am very good-looking, gray-haired curly hair, dyed. I even have to cry don't want to, I'm so used to, I still have much sense of life anymore.

Long have You not speak?

for a Long time, maybe 10 years, but I'm in quite good condition.

do You teach ballet?

Now no, but maybe that was taught, I have teaching abilities, I can lead. Actually, I still do not want anything. I have no friends, I was alone, I was bored. I don't want to live, but don't want to do, I have apathy, indifference some.

What happens now?

I got up from the chair went to the door, the large stairs leading down, no railing, I'm in heels. I fall down the stairs, purely by chance. Bumped my head, I'm unconscious. There was no one around me no one goes. If someone was, maybe they would have helped. The next day I found out. I apparently died, without regaining consciousness.

What was the purpose of this life?

to make people happy

have You managed it?

What you had to learn?

Love for people who give us joy,

why was this loneliness?

As a test, which had to go through to become wiser, more Mature.

whether it was Possible to become wiser in another way?

Maybe you can, but I chose the fame, but if you choose fame, you can become wiser only through loneliness.

You could become wiser?


what is wisdom?

People just need love.

you do Not need to strain to do something in order to please them, you need to be yourself, what would you love.

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