The bitterness after a relationship.

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my female training I deal and solve different problem situations. In this case, I want to dedicate this article to the fact that sometimes happens when the relationship actually already completed, but yet to make the "aftertaste" of this relationship.

I think that in this state were almost all women, and men too. You can call it in different ways. But I liked the wording, which he gave to the girl who attended my women's training – "the bitterness after a relationship."

I Want to give You several situations, examples of my work with troubled condition, which persists after the breakup. If you do not work and you can't understand it, sometimes there can be negative consequences in a woman's life.

for example, the first situation is: "don't like kissing". Maybe You hear it sometimes from people for whom kissing is not desirable, remember, as in advertising "places for kisses...." You can interpret this in different ways. Now, my client has these places simply did not exist. And the culprit was kind of a harmless situation. It was the first kiss at 18. Thought it was kind of sticky wet that her cringe at the thought of the kiss. I worked with her, as a psychologist, sexologist and the problem as gone, in the future, she already thought it would be kissing with your husband and it will be very nice and desirable.

Following situation, when a girl is present in my female training I remembered that many years ago she would have crossed herself Dating a man her smell which was unpleasant. In this regard, I would like to mention the following: that when the person we're Dating "unpleasant smell" for us, it often says that this person has a genetic set close to ours, which could adversely, including, and for future offspring. Nature thus protects us.

a variant of the "bitterness" refers to another my client from Voronezh. With her we met at my female training and was working on her problem. She was bitter by the fact that she fell in love with a guy who didn't like them, and they parted on her initiative. All these years she felt guilty about it, plus, the so-called "mental virus" that she did not meet the expectations of men. This, in turn, interfere with her to build a relationship. There was a positive to get rid of guilt and to wish him happiness in life and with yourself to remove the "scope and limitations", which she was carrying himself all these years, receiving in return the opportunity to act voluntarily.

But the feeling of bitterness may occur if you meet with a man for profit. He was successful, but did not match the taste of client. She felt obligated to meet him, as she was the son of the chief, whose girlfriend worked, and the boy's parents considered her as a future daughter-in-law. The relationship was completed, but as "I have crossed through myself, left." Worked, the situation was resolved, from now on, her behavior will become natural, the girl will respect himself and his desires. She returned the respect and understanding of themselves.

in conclusion, what can get a woman visiting the women's training. She has the opportunity to better understand itself, to extract some life lessons and to draw conclusions for the example and the example of others, plus the self-esteem level.

A practical example – I'm done, perhaps the next interesting situation. When we dismantled most of the problems one of the women, analyzing their past relationships, she came to the conclusion that each of her men that is brought into her life – both good and bad. But the key to her heart one of them was not able to pick up. If its a problem as she had visualized as a tube, closing it in the chest area, then after work this tube, as it jumped out of it. But for her the key was hidden, which she now give to her husband (she is recently married) as a symbol for a long and comfortable family living.

She became happier, which is reflected in her gestures, look, thoughts. So, it would seem, the usual women's training and how many problems can be solved.

In conclusion I want to quote the words of Sri Marija: "All you want is to be happy. All your desires, whatever they may be, derive from the pursuit of happiness. In essence, you wish yourself well...".

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