One of the childhood memories is a bridge over a small stream, reviving only after rain. The trickle flowed along the ravine (or rather a small ravine), on both sides of which grew trees. Their branches reach to the bridge, embracing and sheltering him from the outside world, creating the feeling that you are running on a wooden bridge and through the trees stepping into a fairytale forest filled with fairies, elves and other good creatures necessarily.

And I ran a little girl through the trees, through the tender and soft leaves, filtering through the rays of the sun, sparkling and playing sunbeams. And this track is in thirty meters seemed magical, and its existence has promised that all will be well, lifted the mood and gave the waiting for a miracle.

Now, as an adult, and being thousands of miles away from the bridge, sometimes in my thoughts I return to it as to the place of power. Mentally substituting face under the playful rays of the sun, presenting the smell of spring greenery, having a hand on the soft velvet of young dogwood leaves, I remember that little girl and feeling again the feeling that all will certainly be good.

At the training I often spend the activity "Journey to childhood" in which we finds the resource situation and place. And people remember the funny stories, about which, as you point out, not remembered for many years, talk about memorable places for them, such as old tree by the river, hut at the lake, a wheat field and a gopher hole, and more. They talk about the places where they were good where they believed in the possibility of a miracle. Such mainstreaming of pleasant memories allows you to exit unsatisfactory in some situations, take a break and continue your journey in the present with a more positive attitude. But if a similar exercise is to do regular, pleasant memories can become a kind of a "place of power", a journey which will not require from you any costs, only a bit of free time.

And if you have a place of power? If you resort to it in reality or in imagination?

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