you Have the education, profession and job, but you think that you are unsuccessful and unfulfilled people. you had a few jobs where something went wrong. You were once passionate, but now the interest is exhausted. May now you were left without work, and further, the better your alarm and perplexity. You think it's too late to retrain and change profession. You have some interest, but no understanding of how they can be applied to life, and how to earn... From this it seems that the interests not at all, but the main desire - to lie on the couch or go somewhere to a quiet place. You play in the head thoughts about what you want to do, who you are and in the talent but nothing changes and it is not happening. 

Why is it so difficult and why you are stuck in this state? Of course, there can be many reasons, but I will try to describe why sometimes it may happen, and perhaps it will seem familiar.

I believe that if half your life you lived "as necessary" as told or expecting parents, it is only natural that your own inner compass is broken unnecessary. You worked on someone else's script, but now increasingly feel that they lived not their lives. And it is hard to answer the question, what would be like for you, and there is no certainty your choice. But there is something that you hold - worst job, generating a steady income, or reputation of a specialist, slim summary, friendly staff, the usual route and schedule. If you are not working now, you might find some support in not doing anything, not to make another mistake and not to fall even more in his own eyes. Maybe you cherish their last hope, that you still perhaps something good that not all is lost.

awareness of the incorrectness of the chosen path is a pity, anguish, pain, guilt, shame. This is a very strong and difficult experience, which enhances the acute sense of fleeting time and the lack of support. The time just goes, like sand through his fingers, and the panic growing inside.

And the panic is growing from walking around in your thoughts, from the observation of those who seem to have gone ahead, had more, and what money is over... 

If you fell into the trap and sit in the pit out is based on the following principles:

1. The existence of the true fact, is a myth. Stop looking for some its the only true inner essence through self-examination and continue to practice. Determine the interest that will have long and not pass. Make small steps and test their "I" in this case, without departing from the current work, if any. Find out a little more about what you like and try it on yourself almost. Go to a seminar, an exhibition, a conference, master class, collect information in the field.

2. New contacts. Meet people in this area (if the area of interest to determine, meet with different people). Sign up for resources on your topic, even if you are not sure what you're doing seriously, and read everything that drops in the mail and tape. Then we'll decide what to do with it. We never know in advance what may be useful new people.

3. Use any opportunity. Be flexible and willing to see new opportunities, do not dismiss them, and say to yourself, "Why not?". Don't narrow your card search too hard not to accidentally miss something interesting.

it is Worth noting that starting something new is possible only from the resource state. But in itself it does not come, so do not expect it lying on the couch. Of course, if you need to sleep - do it. But then go for inspiration somewhere else and you will certainly find it!

Listen to their feelings when trying new things, how you feel, doing something, or being in a circle of some people. Trust your feelings, but don't let fears block your steps. If you are curious, but anxiety - find at least one person who will support you, and continue. The alarm can inform you that it is really important to you and you are on the right track. Gradually, your inner compass will work again, but he needs training. 

a career Change is a movement in the fog where it is impossible to make a route to the endpoint. To feel doubt and to be confused in this way - fine. If you want to Wake up and go to work - this is not a whim, it's really possible and you deserve it.

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