the case of client practice


the Case of client practices.

Olesya was the happiest, Arthur proposed, to be his wife!
It was her biggest dream. They dated for 4 years, and this day has come the day of the wedding. Olesya was so caught up in their thoughts, their dreams about their family life.
She had this all planned out, where will they live, how many children, how in the evenings they would walk through the city.
the Wedding was the best holiday of her life! the
Olesya was only sorry that after the wedding, her favorite had to go to another city, he was a soldier. And they should break up for a few months... and then a happy family life together it already was. the
And she even could not imagine that will never see him again he just came, he did not return to it. Wrote that their meeting was a mistake...
She turned to me for help,being already deep in the doldrums. She's constantly crying, she had no meaning in life, all her dreams shattered, she doesn't know what to do, how to live. She was disappointed in all men.During the conversation she often repeats, I loved him that much and he loved me.
Why it happened? I ask:- how did he tell you that he loves you? He didn't say I knew it, I felt and understood that he loves me. Thoughtfully, she says.

Very often we are in contact with someone think up for it, feel and understand for someone else!
And this story could have a happy continuation, if Oles and Arthur was able to talk to each other. They know words, they know how to say it, but do not know how to talk about their feelings and desires. That they don't like and that causes a feeling of tension in communication with each other. In this pair everyone lived their lives in their dreams, I think for the other.
We worked with Olesya for about a year before she returned to life, paint it in bright colors, have learned to Express their emotions through words, learned to say no when she doesn't like something, learn to engage in dialogue. Now she is happily married she has two wonderful children, loving husband. Talk to each other all you have to do is the language, voice, words, you can even build sentences!
you got ears and you can hear his companion. If you are in the beginning hard to say write a letter, memo, SMS. Believe me, it will save your marriage, friendship,partnership,work and relationships with children.

And you are talking to your children,husbands,friends and family about your feelings?

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