The case of inclusive classes.

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Unexpectedly for me, the most I have touched upon the topic of children with autism had continued. Want to share the experience as fate sostojavshegosa inclusive classes. br>
Working with these children, I decided to try to offer them a mini group of two girls, one of which is a little easier to communicate, has more skill to build interaction, and the other really wants to communicate with children, so even trying to "stick" to the children waiting for individual sessions in the lobby.

But it so happened that one of the girls are unable to be in class, and left only the wick. I began to wrestle with how to be how to organize the lesson so that the opportunity to teach her promise , to interact, to participate in cooperative play on an equal footing. Of course, I could play with her. But I stopped that Vick needs to learn to communicate with peers , slowlyat children's language, their behaviors, their ways of resolving conflicts and possible response to a particular behavior. And just at some point adult ceases to be interesting even to autistic children, he needs children...

And then life gave me a gift. The night before, my colleague said that will lead to work of his daughter - Annie. She already tired to go to kindergarten, and my mom at work much more interesting, especially because Annie decided to follow mom to become a psychologist, and here in the Center she could see what this work was. Luckily she agreed to help me to participate in a joint exercise. br>
We are of course prepared in our work. I told Annie what difficulties Vika in communicating that their cooperative play Annie should help Vick, to support its proposal, but something to show a pattern. Annie said to her it was interesting to play with Vick. We discussed what are all the possible games (to build houses, prepare food, feed animals, walk to each other's homes), even made toys. And what was my surprise when Annie came with me to meet Vic's mom.

Now the classroom. Annie was so attentive to any of my signals (recall that this 7 year old kid) that I couldn't get enough of. br>
the First 20 minutes the wick was included in the game: she built the house with Annie, imitating her, planted vegetables in the garden, harvest. And then tired, went to the side, found clay , blind man and began to walk with him. Then we, along with Annie tried to incorporate it into the game, to use man, to prolong our story, show off new toys. The game lasted. br>
In the last fifteen minutes Anyuta wanted to show Vic his new book. I thought it could take Vic, and the book can be used in the game, why not. What happens when there is a new toy? Vick immediately said, "Mine." And what was the patience Ania (she tensed and her first impulse was to just pick up the book) that she was going to wait until I and mother Vicki will be able to explain whose is this book. 3 minutes later Vika quietly returned the book, but began to actively insist that she had the same, and therefore urgently needs to be turned to follow the book. And then at some point when we tried to get the attention of the Wiki for the game, it suddenly hit Anna. Don't worry, it wasn't hard, just frustrating and disappointing. And that again was able to hold back, not to give change immediately, but to give us an opportunity to explain what's going on, to remind Vick that she should ask forgiveness, and that after the lesson she can go to buy the book. Vick quickly made amends, asked forgiveness - after all, Mama had taught her to do it. But the desire to have the book was so great that no game could no longer save the situation. We have started working together to put toys away.
What I did in this class, You ask, what is the role of a psychologist - I just was translating from one human language to another and back again, explained each what happens is a bit reversal and complement their treatment of each other, helped to cope with strong emotions and find a way to Express them, so that both were comfortable.
And now I think about how such classes to organize specifically. With case and two wonderful girls I gained invaluable experience, I hope that this experience will be useful in life. I also gained invaluable experience of working together with such a very attentive small but some very large co-therapist. br>
Natalie Frid

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