"the Child stopped to sleep during the day in the garden and disturbing others, the teacher is constantly complaining, what can we do?"

Here I want to ask a number of clarifying questions: age of the child, what, in your opinion, may be associated sleep disturbance (lost, for example), are there any signs of fatigue (lethargy, dizziness, headache, etc.), what the baby is doing during quiet hours and how it responds to the comments of the teacher, does the same situation at home or with a second caregiver.

to improve the situation, the presence of parents is very important!

Here are the most common causes of violations of NAP:

1. Age — perhaps, for example, the child having outgrown the NAPs and just wants to sleep.

2. Age→discipline — the child resists sensitive moments in the age of crisis (crisis 3, crisis 7 (could begin in 6)). In this case, in addition to the use of various techniques, described below, should consider the age of crisis.

3. Discipline — for example, toddlers can interfere with each other to sleep (then, it is advisable to talk to the parents of all participants).

4. Downed mode — any stress can lead to mode shift: move, strife, disease, overwork, or lack of control over a mode of parents, etc.

If it's reason number 4, you should follow the bedtime at home, calculate how many hours in the normal sleeping child for her age, if necessary, to Wake early in the morning, to eliminate stress and promote the adaptation of the baby in the new house, if there is a move.

If you think that the baby does not sleep during the day for reasons No. 1, 2 or 3, you can use such popular techniques: therapeutic stories (many of them online), toy theatre, writing stories, or memories.

the Plot for the therapeutic fairy tales can come up with on their own, most importantly stick to the basic sense: in the afternoon the kids are asleep, if you don't want let others to sleep. The same message can be transmitted through a toy theater.

you can Also offer the baby lie down in a quiet hour with my eyes closed and reminisce about how great he was walking on the Playground (in the Park, went to grandma's, etc.). To remember, preferably with all the details to then tell your friend/mom, etc. — so, developing your memory, the child may unconsciously to sleep or at least lie down without disturbing others. A similar method is a composition of stories or tales — you can ask the child to write during NAP the story and tell it in the evening for parents.

Here is an example therapeutic stories from me :)

As a bear chased a dream

there once was a bear. He did not like to sleep. In the forest it was difficult to sleep and her fellow animals – was distracting them by talking Yes games. This time the bear ran through the forest, roared and roared, cracking dry twigs, tapping a stick on the trunks of trees. The Chicks in the nest was frightened and squeaked loudly, raccoons and foxes in burrows woke up and cried, squirrels and mice could not sleep.

Suddenly hears a bear – somebody's crying! Looked for the stump, and sitting there with someone unusual, beautiful, sparkling and iridescent.

"who are You?" – surprised bear.

"I am the dream!" said sparkling.

"Wow! And what do you mean?" – asked the bear.

"I'm talking about a basket of raspberries, a barrel of honey, nuts and grains, about fish and about designer, about the slide, swing, sandbox and a toy train" – replied from hemp.

"Wow! Great! And why are you crying?"

"I won't dream me bear is driving, and the poor animals without me, NAP in the evening to play no strength," the angel replied sleep and completely wilted.

"Oia! – thought the bear, and he became sad. – Get me the squirrel did not dream of a delicious nut, a Fox will not play in favorite designer. No, because it will not go!"

the next day, the bear crouched in her bed, to the dreams of his friends not to frighten. So quietly lying, that he eventually fell asleep. He dreamed, honey, raspberry, and a toy train...

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