we Have quite a lot of small customers different school age who have certain difficulty learning mathematics. Someone has problems with the calculations, someone with objectives, someone did not manage to learn the multiplication table, and someone is always confused multiplication with division and addition with subtraction. And whatever problem the child has, the result of one grade math... And no extra classes with a tutor or at home with their parents do not bring result.

What to do? After all, mathematics is the main subject in the exam and do not pass the exam at the basic level means to obtain the certificate of secondary education... So the problem with math, can not leave indifferent neither one of the parents.But only are they often the wrong way to help your child, work with the consequence and not the cause.

In neuropsychology is the concept of "dyscalculia" is the inability or weak ability to learn mathematics. This syndrome may be the only, and may be accompanied by dyslexia or ADHD (attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder). It manifests itself in insufficient activity nutritional sulcus of the parietal lobe of the brain. This may be due to generic or other injury, disorders of fetal formation of the brain, complications after illness, hereditary factors.

As you can see, in order to solve the problem, only a little more involved in mathematics, you need to help the parietal areas of the brain, to activate it. It is the power of neuropsychological correction, which restored the old and formation of new neural networks that "include" this area of the brain. So, dear parents, we urge You not to look for a tutor and a child neuropsychologist in their area, to help your child get the math.

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