With this treatment, which can be called "shout of the parent of the soul", we are often approached by parents. And to answer their question "Why?" is not always easy.

we Often hear from parents and teachers this phrase: "He is able, but lazy!". Then we ask them the question: "what is the basis of laziness, why is he lazy? It is not laziness it to do something interesting: to play a computer game, to chase the boys with the ball in the yard, etc. There, too, is difficult. Sometimes children for a few hours can learn the rules of a new game, make mistakes, and taken again... Why school is so not happening?" So, not interesting, or difficult, or not see the purpose of why he needed to overcome obstacles?

Man is a rational being, and to know something new for us of course, otherwise we would not be so, as of now, I have not talked to via the Internet. That is, the cognitive demand is for each person. And we have our entire lives doing this. So why do parents ascertain the fact that their child doesn't want to learn? So the school does not satisfy the natural human need for new knowledge? And maybe there are a lot of obstacles on the way and it would be better to say that the child does not want, and can't learn?

to Answer all these questions clearly does not work. Because each person is unique and unrepeatable, and, despite the fact that the problems are similar, every child has it differently. Therefore, the strategy for each child is different.

we List the reasons unwillingness to learn, with whom we worked:

* Inadequate development of basic intellectual functions (thinking, memory, attention, perception, cognitive abilities, etc.);

* Low stress, which depends on the individual lateral profile (individual master brain and leading modalities: eye, ear, hand, foot) and leads to neurosis;

* Features of temperament;

* the Presence of chronic somatic diseases;

* the Presence of mental or neurological diseases;

* Features the leading representational system;

* Conflict relations in the systems "teacher-student", "student-student";

* Lack of educational motivation.

of Course, this list can go on and on, and every practicing psychologist has the ability to do it. But that's not the point. I think that the parents who happen to read this article, you will understand that the reasons for the weak performance in school their child or unwillingness to learn – is not just laziness that the problem is much deeper, and not always on the surface. To deal with this, and, most importantly, to help the child, in company with a specialist psychologist and neuropsychologist with better. But, unfortunately, not many parents understand this, and miss time, the hiring of Tutors already in elementary school. Meanwhile, there is such a thing as "a sensitive period of development", i.e. the most susceptible to the development of a particular function. Losing this period, we lose the ability to quickly and easily fix the problem.

We frequently meet with those that treat this problem parents of teenagers who have been not one of a tutor, and things are there. Yes, and teenagers can help, but need to work longer and harder than with a child of primary school. This occasion, therefore, encourage parents: do not pull the time, if you see that your child learns with difficulty or want to learn. Consult a psychologist (and, if possible, by the neuropsychologist), before hiring a tutor, because you first need to figure out all the causes of this phenomenon, not only to deal with the consequence.

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