You can accept the idea, which is now described. Or disagree. But I with this kind of queries in your daily intake of face.

"Daughter age 17, grade 11, clever-a student. I wanted to go to PED. And now she's a PED wants. And do not want. Says nothing of certain professions don't want to do. Nothing like"


"the Son, neither the losers nor the excellence. Middling. Interested in nothing, in the pens, if only to walk to the computer to play. Who will not know"

In General, concerns the future of the younger generation.

And there is no reason to worry.

Our generation could be so relaxed, it has achieved something, has accumulated resource. And with these what?

to Modify the script to their children, who are now 10 to 20, maybe only one parent who certainly would take the scenario “default”.

the Essence of this generation of children to make maximum use of the parent resource. They do not understand our stress. They do nothing, and “doomsday” doesn't come. You can relax. Delve into incomprehensible nonsense petty hobby like "Yes, mom, Yes, it niachem, but I got soooo inspiring." ⠀

Sometimes even pathetic penny very successfully monetize their Hobbies. And continue to selflessly do anything.

Us it was impossible. And they - you!

Therefore, parents need really relax the hip. Hips are the biggest muscles in the body, and their maximum voltage is causing unwarranted anxiety for the fate of their children's destinies and fortunes of his homeland.

It's time to realize that communism is long overdue. Paradise came long ago./

Children are not required to work under the table. Enough only occasionally - in their abilities to join.

And all - as well - so good will remain.

Know what I mean? Although - it does not matter. The time has changed. The technological revolution had died down. Of Affairs of Babes shall come the truth.

Welcome to Paradise. Enjoy!

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