the Theme for today is pretty battered! Even if you just go to the Internet, you can find a lot of recommendations for parents.

When I first turn this prompt I thought about how it does not Want to sleep? Little man - at 23.00 or 24.00 awake?

Initially, of course, you should know what your child has the disease. Yes, it also affects the sleep. Or the passage of medicinal support. That may temporarily affect sleep and wakefulness.

so, if in General, everything is fine, and the baby is not sleeping.

let me Start with an example. 1 child (3.5 years), the whole family go to bed at 21.00-21.30. The child wakes up at 6.00. Goes to kindergarten. And there is already independently goes to sleep at 13.00. Wakes up in a 15.00-15.20 (as required by mode, teacher awakens the child, though he still wants to sleep). And accordingly in the evening he's already tired, falls asleep at 21.00(21.30).

the Second example. 2 child (3.5 years), the family goes to sleep unevenly. Child trying to get from 21.00 or 21.30. The child seeing that mom and dad don't sleep - sleep refuses. And thus the child adapts to the adult mode (it is no secret that for adults needs less sleep than a child). Eventually went to bed after 23.00, and 24.00. Wakes up child labour with tears in 7.30. Accordingly, do not have time, the child comes to preschool around 8: 30, late for morning exercises and Breakfast. Hours to 10 a child is a cranky, sleepy. Instead of sleep, 13.00, 14.00, or falls asleep at 14.30. The awakening begins from 15.00. It starts to act up.

what you need to remember is sleep and wakefulness. Preferably clear.

Ask how about a bedtime story. Well, I think if you're ready to read every day. Because when you can't read him before falling asleep, the child will start to take offense.

it is Important to notice that a child looks to parents, if mom and dad go to bed at the same time. The child becomes accustomed to the regime and only then can fall asleep.

says one mom "Plays plays and he is falling asleep." So fine, but alas, not all such children!

I would like to note about before going to sleep 1 hour or more, it is recommended playtime, hydrotherapy with warm water. this kind of relaxation.

And as it happens that how to sleep and "dance" - child runs, laughing, jumping - off so to speak before going to sleep. As if channeling all remaining energy before bedtime.

of Course, all individually. It happens all different)

Olesya Berestova
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