The child goes to school: the main experiences of parents


the School is an important stage in the lives of children and parents including.

This is the place which the child will remember all his life, with him will be associated a variety of experiences, discoveries, overcoming. It's a long road, where primary school children - "chicken chick," the child will become independent of the "Orlenok". And,of course, all these changes will be to observe and worry the parents too.

what should parents face in the early stages of the child in school?

1⃣Anxiety - everything is new and not understandable to the parents themselves about their children are often manifested in the form of anxiety.

In this case is to calm yourself, if the alarm starts to go off-scale, because for one reason or another, you've already settled on a choice of a particular school.

At the same time, you can learn more about the institution, whither the child: the teachers who will teach the curriculum, and how to get there and back, perhaps to look for friends in common.

That is to start to calm down and reduce their own discomfort, so you will then be able to act as a support for the child, rather than reinforcing negative feelings.

2⃣Fear is closely with anxiety. The first feeling - anxiety - less object.

In fear more often you can recognize what it is I'm afraid.

If we talk about school, it can be: fear about how the child will feel in class, I can find friends to stand up for myself if I can build a good relationship with the teacher, won't the "loner" in class, whether to cope with the school program and much more. And I think these fears are quite the place to be...especially from anxious parents. There is no horror, if this check is actually doing the child. Because each fear is accompanied by fantasies and there is a danger that we will be primarily with them and not with the real situation.

Therefore, it's important each regarding your own child at school to check-to talk to their children, teachers, to observe how he behaves in the team, arriving a little early for him, for example. At first the child can't be left alone with him need to be there.

3⃣the Desire to be - here I mean the requirements, framework and boundaries that society prescribes and that many parents strive to meet in order to avoid experiencing such feelings as shame, guilt, disappointment, frustration. And it can be not associated with the school, if such a system of global compliance is already embedded in the family.

If you think primarily of what others will say and how it will look in their eyes - most likely you already know about evaluation from others and is highly addicted to it. In school, in social big team, this algorithm is more pronounced.

‼It is important, in spite of the school rules and regulations, to be a support for your child. It is not always necessary to believe other people's words, leaving "behind" the child's feelings. At least worth to investigate the situation and, if necessary, to help, not to punish, just to stay "pretty" in the eyes of the environment.

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