to this day there remains the reaction of parents to the "new" words in everyday life of their children. Hearing the words, from which the parents "dying ears" and there comes a stupor, and I want "to wash my mouth out with soap". But happens and on the contrary, to laugh to tears, and then long to think that, with this swearing to do.

to Protect children from communicating with the outside world impossible, and not necessary. The child must explore the world, to hear, to see, to touch. And to hear he is able, not enough. This will be discussed in the article.

Since the child said their first words, it is every day increasingly adds to your vocabulary. Of course, his speech beginning to emerge from the words heard from their beloved parents.

But there comes a time when the child begins to attend nursery and later school. It's the Institute of children's socialization. They open for parents not only the positive side of the successful mental development of the child, but the negative impact of children foul – mouthed, at him. Always in a group or class there are children for whom to infect other children, obscene words, is not considered a bad thing. To condemn these children also impossible, because they brought these words from the house where they have a special effect.

So when she heard from her child a new word, sounding pohlesche thunder from a clear sky, the response must be careful.

Shouting, swearing and smashing lips, not the best helpers in the fight against swearing, however, as well as unrestrained laughter. Although without the latter is difficult to do if the words sound very preposterous or ridiculous.

How to act right?

- keep calm

- to find out whether the child knows the value of spoken word,

- to explain its value

- for examples of when it may be used, and when not,

- allow the comparative examples, that the child himself understood why these words are bad and not suitable for everyday use,

- in rare cases, you can pretend I did not hear "bad words" and the interest of the child will take place.

Using these rules, any parent will be able to avoid the death of their nerve cells and successfully fulfill the role of a wise man!

the Author is a family psychologist Krotov Sergey.

I'm always happy to hold a conversation with You!

Krotov Sergei
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