The child is afraid to go to kindergarten


What to do if the child is afraid to go to kindergarten? What to do if the child is afraid of a caregiver?

If these issues concern You and Your child, you can assume that they cause You concern for the child, anxiety and confusion.

When a child tells You: "Mom, I'm scared," which most often, the answer comes to mind? "don't worry, there is nothing wrong, it's okay, I'm with you", "Don't worry. If anything, I'll protect you."

And if the child does not want to go to the garden because he's something or someone there is afraid of? And You have no opportunity to leave him at home with someone or to take someone (grandma for example), You need to go to work. And anyway, You're already late for that work and do not have time for explanation and persuasion of the child...

So what to do? 

Play with your child. first, in preschool age the game is their leading activity. second, children love to play. third, during the game children are more receptive and absorb information from adults. fourth, in the game, the children reveal all your feelings and emotions spill out.


1. Play with your child on his level. Ie not from a position of "adult", but from the perspective of "child". How to do it? Remember yourself as a child - how You were in that I loved to play as played? And, based on those memories, sign in the role of a child (become as he was in childhood). For example, mom's name is Natalia, and her daughter's name is Lena. So, in the game play Natasha and Helen, not Natalia and Lena. 

2. Let the child come up with the plot of the game. 

Game started!

Leave the same names Natalia - mother, Lena, a daughter. The aim of the game is that the child is no longer afraid of the governess, for example. Lena told her mother that she is afraid of the teacher because she cries out loud.

You choose any toy, and the child suggest to choose that toy, which in his opinion is the most fearless, the toy hero. In the end, she chose a Barbie doll, and Helen is a big plush elephant. 

're doing a scene. Mom Barbie brought her in kindergarten, helped her change and said that in the evening, after dinner, she'll come for her. Barbie joined the group, where the other toys were playing interesting games. Watched the Dragon, she was their teacher. And all was peaceful and calm, when suddenly the Dragon scream much on toys, even a flame from her mouth began to erupt. Toys frightened the Dragon, he immediately stopped playing and froze. Barbie too was very scared, but managed to hide in the locker room. So much she began to tremble from the fear he felt a large stuffed elephant that close to the garden walk. He went to kindergarten, met in the locker room Barbie and she told him everything. Big plush elephant joined the group and protected toys (including Barbie) from the Dragon lady. The dragon was frightened and flew away to a distant land where never returned. Barbie really admired the elephant and asked him, "How do you manage to be so strong, brave, courageous?". Big plush elephant meets her perecheslyat all its qualities and advantages. And then Barbie asks again: "And you will be able to teach me how to be strong and courageous?". The elephant agrees and begins to teach Barbie to be bold, strong and brave. 

This scene is an example of my imagination. But the point is that Your toy afraid (as well as Your child in reality), and the toy of the child - hero that Your toy will protect from all ills. Emphasize that the plot of the game comes up with the child. But You start the game, "In one the dark-dark forest lost little Bunny (Your toy)...." continues the child. Your task is to bring the game to toy child defended Your toy, stay in the role of the child. It is difficult, but possible.

this game gives the child?

She gives him the necessary resources that will help him in real life to cope with his fear. 

After the game, discuss with the child his toy (from the position mother), list all the qualities that a child called during the game about your character, and swipe parallel with the qualities of the child. For example, your large plush elephant so boldly and bravely told the Dragon "No need to shout!" she immediately closed his mouth and the flames vanished. You too can be so brave and speak boldly for adults the people, I know, I saw. It would be good to give an example of a situation where the child boldly and clearly speak about their positions for adults people. And so about every quality that was spoken by the child during the game on behalf of your hero. Thus, Your child will believe in their strength and the fear will begin to disappear. This conversation is very important.

this is important and then to offer the child to draw the toy from hero to draw a picture of a large plush elephant. Hang this picture on the wall or take it with you to the kindergarten to support. 

One such games may not be enough. You may want to play a few days and the plot, and the characters can change. But the meaning is the same - the toy Your child is the hero who will save Your character. 

I Wish you a nice game! 

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