The child is the aggressor


  Children are the aggressors are psychological and physical children. Often fall into bad company.
  Refuse to learn, believe that they have nothing to help.       the Majority live with the motto “I'm fine”.
  Such children are difficult to motivate for the realization of their actions. After all, if they realize what they are doing – it will be a huge sense of guilt. Refusing to go into
your feelings and the feelings of others, they thus protect themselves.
  Usually, such children's behavior suggests they are not experienced trauma in childhood or sleeps her now. Frequent injuries in children aggressors – physical violence in the
family, dependent parent from alcohol or drugs, the death of a significant close, hypercontrol parents, authoritarianism in the family, lack of warmth and support.
   Any child would be happy and live in harmony with others. But when the house become dangerous and alarming, the child chooses the school to create a similar situation, but for others. All of this happens unconsciously. Just from inner pain, the child begins to become a little beast who wants to destroy, to do hurt to others.
   Sometimes because of the lack of love and attention at home, they learn to get attention in school by means of violence.

Guidance to parents whose children show aggression in school.
1. If the situation at home is unsafe for a child you need to change it.

2. Counseling for each family member and understand their problems. Go for a band aid. It is important to begin to change from the parent.

3.If the action takes place, degrading the honor and dignity of the child, then try to finish this and look for ways to support education.

4.A child who has long been in trauma will be a long drive back to safety. Be patient.

5. If you are a parent who is very protective of the baby – give a little bit
of independence, with your support.

6. If you are a parent of a missing, give the child a week the hours of your
attention. Quality time is better than an empty formal
the action all week.

7.Ask your child how to help him? - How to help him to Express his aggression? Maybe you will be able to find ways with him.

8. Take aggressive baby hobby. Self-realization in a hobby will help him
to reduce aggression.

9. If the family was divorce, or the loss of a loved one where the child then began to worsen their behavior, consult a psychologist. The psychologist will help you understand the child with his feelings. It is important that the child felt the contact with a psychologist and had confidence in him.
If there is no trust, work is meaningless. Is so that the aggression is a symptom of the entire family. Find your
ways of living.

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