Often the parents who contacted us for advice about various problems of the child, among other symptoms of the problem too is called frequent crying, as they say "for any reason"... Sometimes it's very worried parents, and they call it as one of the queries to therapy. Sometimes parents ignore it or even prohibit the child from crying, especially if we are talking about the boy.

But is it harmless frequent child's tears? Let us look at the mechanism of crying in humans. Tears is a physiological peculiarity of the organism, aimed at ridding with the lacrimal fluid from an excess of stress hormones. We here have in mind not the tears, standing out in moderation, moisten the mucous membrane of the eyes, and these tears speak when peeling an onion... We're talking about the tears associated with negative emotions – resentment, fear, shame and others. Sometimes, though, there are tears and positive emotions – affection, joy, laughter. But not such tears worried parents.

most Often the reason for crying (mind you, not a cause!) are bad grades, punishment, or reprimand parents, quarrel with peers, losing a game or competition, when something does not work and more... Why is the excuse, not the reason? Because with setbacks and failure in life everyone faces, but all react to them differently. Why does it depend? From stress.

Therefore, if baby cries regarding any failure, his nervous system has a low stress tolerance. If not timely to strengthen the nervous system, the child-the weeper will have more and more reason for tears, after all, the older he gets, the more he is ashamed of his tears, if peers laugh and he say (more often boys): "Why are you crying like a girl? Men don't cry!". This forms an inferiority complex, which, in turn, becomes itself the source of the excessive tension of the nervous system.

we Therefore urge parents to ensure that they react to the crying baby seriously. This is not the occasion for pranks and jokes. It is an occasion to reflect on what causes the strain on the nervous system of the child, forcing the body to dump it with tears. A child psychologist will help You to find and work out the cause of frequent crying child.

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