Your child went to school. The time of writing hooks and sticks in the modern school is very short. And soon the children begin to write entire words and sentences. Often, elementary school students admit error words, because I do not know the spelling rules, vocabulary words, and visually can't remember the spelling of many words, because the skill of reading is also just mastered.

Over time, children begin to write correctly, because they learn how to apply the rules of grammar of the native language, many read and visually remember the spelling of words. But usually is in the grade 1-2 students who can not learn to write correctly, despite the fact that you know grammar rules. And error differ from error of other children. So, the word "cow", for example, they manage to miss the shock vowel, which is heard clearly – "corva". Confuse letters, especially similar to the letter, for example "b" and "d" instead of "grandpa" you can write "the girl". Can not discern the boundaries of words and sentences, connecting them into a coherent whole: "Ausspannplaza"...

In this case, the recommendation of the teacher to write with the child as much as possible will not give any result, because we are talking about dysgraphia violation writing when intact the intellect, which is commonly a consequence of the defeat of the speech areas of the brain during fetal development, birth trauma, concussions and other reasons.

Experts are several types of dysgraphia on the nature of the violations of written speech. We will not stop there. The main reason they have one speech area of the brain is not formed fully, she needs help darsvaeda using the method of replacement of ontogeny and neuropsychological correction. In the course of such work in the child's brain form new neuronal networks that restore normal functioning of the speech zone.

I would like to advise parents not to delay the solution of this problem. It is important to have time to help a child up to 12 years. At that age neuropsychological correction is more difficult and requires more time to achieve the result.

the Article was first published on the website of the Psychological centre "GROWTH" Saint-Petersburg:

Alexander and Elena, Bazanchuk, psychologists-psychotherapists, neuropsychologists, Psychological centre "GROWTH" Saint-Petersburg

Bazanchuk Alexander
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