the client and the psychologist: the search for the future.

the Conversation aimed at the decision - a concept that is fundamentally different from

what I call "talking around the issue"

David Epston

In modern society, people increasingly have difficulties to take their place in society, in addressing a large number of stressful situations. This relationship to work and family, parenting, definition of objectives and difficulties in their implementation, overcoming personal issues that hinder a person to be happy today and hope to look to the future.

Now there are a large number of professional psychologists and psychotherapists who work with such people and assist them in these matters. The customer has to turn and find his psychologist.

However, there are a number of difficulties in meeting the "client-psychologist". In practice psychologists most of the time to devote to the search of the root causes of the psychological trauma of the client and very little focus on her decision today. And work for the long term when in the future the client will be able to overcome the similar situation, are practically not conducted.

Held meetings of the psychologist with the client becoming shorter by the number of held meetings. Customers want immediate change, and the psychologist is forced to go the long way of finding the root causes of the situation and work for its change. As a result, the client does not wait for any improvement of their condition and throws therapy.

Today is the transformation of therapeutic practices. Along with the old proven methods and new directions of psychotherapeutic help to people. Psychologist is not conducting policy advice, and becomes close with the client and together begin to seek alternative, often creative ways of overcoming the situation today and ways to prevent it in the future. This area puts into practice the thesis of the "here and now", which becomes popular in recent years.

during the session, the search for new, even the most unusual ways to solve customer problems. And thinking and exchange of views, the client and therapist on equal footing in a common area, during the dialogue of two people not running into problems, and going from a problem to its resolution. The ultimate goal is not overcoming or making a stressful situation a client and its transformation today and focus on the future. Here and the psychologist is important not to forget that in the course of such therapy is changing not only the client, but the transformation of himself, his vision of different human situations and ways of their solution. It is not just consultation, is a new form of communication between psychologist and client where the simulated another reality, where it becomes visible to the other person's life without problems.

Many may protest about the care of the session from the search for the root causes of the problems. It is important to note that these reasons are often not only individual specific, but have a strong social dimension and often find themselves outside the sphere of influence of the client. And in addition complex modern life is repeatedly refracted in the understanding of the people and it is a completely different assessment of the root causes of human problems in different people.

Go directly to the ongoing session. A psychologist, first of all, you need to remove the directiveness of their work. Relationships are built as equal partners, together seeking ways to solve the client problems. Begin to consider the problem from different angles, preferably from the unexpected. Psychologist, subtly guiding the client, helping him to see things in new ways, under different angle or position of another person. Show what the advantages of the problem for the customer as it helps him in life. Interpreting the statements of the client, the therapist gradually introduces new data on the problem unconsciously informed by the client.

later in the session we start to go in the future. You can see what to change, when the problem will be solved. For example, a customer may write a psychologist from the future, a letter how he lives without a problem, I will Express to him our gratitude for their collaboration. Let them describe their life, what it has become, how happy he is.

I Want to warn the psychologist from the constant references in meeting the client's problems. Repeat continuously and, accordingly, caused to life issue instead of transform, on the contrary deeper rooted in the human mind.

during the joint discussions achieved an atmosphere of openness. The conversation should be conducted in a constructive manner, taking the search for causes and blame. We explore the potential of the client, his determination to overcome the situation, his desire to grow and focus on the future.

an Indispensable tool in subsequent meetings, there may be and invited relatives and close friends of the client (of course with permission and desire). Look close concerned the environment of the client, those people whom he loves and trusts, with whom he meets now and who's coming in the future – can be very effective. All sit in the same room, preferably in a circle, seeing, and feeling support each other. In this atmosphere of love, openness, positive Outlook, customer it is easier to go negative now to his best future. Those present at the meeting can voice often unexpected and original solutions to client problems. They are not in a situation have a look at the problem and know the features of the client.

Another important point. Often, the customer comes not just one problem but several. They are often interrelated or derive from one another. How can you understand this maze. Such problems do not try to disassemble everything together. Get their relationship. Isolate the main problem and begin to work with it. And its solution can be used to solve other problems. And work with each separately.

In a conversation with a client, try to avoid analysis of the situation, do more absurd and inventive explanations and assumptions. Let the boundaries of the worldview of the client will expand and he can see what's going on with him absolutely from another unexpected angle.

do Not forget about gratitude to the audience at the session of the people for any help and support in the work. Promotion very well increase the effectiveness of therapy.

And the last. Try to show the client that the difficulties in life, positively correctly understood, allow purchase a positive experience that will help him in the future happy life.

Kovalev Igor, psychologist, Omsk.

Kovalev Igor
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