NLP-technique "Exterminator"

the Following technique of "Shredder" also allows you to develop an aversion and indifference to emotionally dependent product. The idea is very simple. We create two anchors (two stimuli): one positive, the other negative. And then collide them with each other like two rams heads to the sparks fell. One stimulus neutralizes the other and there is a mutual destruction (collapse, annihilation). Like two electrodes with different poles are touching. The method is available and effective, however, requires your attention and specific actions.

Addiction to chocolate

the client has a addiction to sweets, eats every day up to two boxes of chocolates.

Therapist: want?

Anna: I Want to eat less chocolate.

Therapist: How about indifference? That's the way?

Anna: Yes, satisfied.

Therapist: Good. Which hand are often kept candy?

Anna: In his right hand.

Therapist: here, Take this big piece of chocolate right hand. (Drags in the mouth). No, the mouth does not take! How does it feel?

Anna: Wants to bite, even saliva in the mouth occurred

Therapist: Put the chocolate on the table.

Anna: (Put).

Therapist: That you hate the smell, color, taste?

Anna: I do Not know, difficult to answer.

Therapist: Product or what it will be then. I may not call. Let it be yours. You pick.

Anna: yeah, chose. It is really frustrating. To say that choose?

Therapist: Let it remain your secret. Close your eyes and put your left hand palm up on his knee.

Anna: (Closes his eyes and rests his left hand on knee, palm up).

Therapist: Imagine that you have chosen and when it becomes disgusting – firmly squeeze the left hand into a fist. Imagine how it looks and smells... what will happen if this is taken into the mouth and chew?

Anna: (strongly frowns and squeezes his hand).

Therapist: Open your eyes and open your hand.

Anna: that's nasty.

Therapist: For business use! Listen to the instructions.


Therapist: Listen to the instructions, what are you going to do next.

  • Take the right hand a piece of chocolate.
  • Then you will very slowly to bring a piece of chocolate to his mouth and at the same time jamming his left hand into a fist.
  • Right hand stop at a distance of 30 cm.
  • will Stay so for some time.
  • Just watch what will happen in the sensations.

Everything okay?

Anna: Yes.

Therapist: Then get the chocolate. Do it.

Anna: (Executes instructions, at a distance of 30 cm and right-hand stops, she frowns, deep breath). Therapist: Put your right hand on your knee and open your hand.

Anna: (Lowered the hand with the chocolate, unclenched his fist)

Therapist: As it is now, I want to bite that held in the right hand?

Anna: I don't know...

Therapist: Check. Start to bring the piece of chocolate to his mouth. (At a distance of 30 cm hand stops). What is it?

Anna: I start to feel sick.

Therapist: Well, let go. How now?

Anna: as well.

Therapist: What happened when he clenching his fist?

Anna: Flashed pictures, I was confused.

Therapist: I Want to eat a little piece?

Anna: Phew!

Therapist: search again..

Anna: (Takes the chocolate and puts it back). No, I start to feel sick!

the Algorithm psychotechnics "Exterminator"

    Put your right hand on your lap palm up.Take the product to which you are addicted.Bring the way, try to smell it, remember the taste. When there will be a feeling, a sense of appetite, strongly squeeze your hand into a fist for 2– 3 seconds. Then pry the arm.Put your left hand on your lap palm up. Select the product or substance to which you have a strong aversion. Imagine (with eyes closed) his image, smell, taste, feel disgust as sick... when will be nasty when you feel disgust, then quickly and strongly squeeze the hand into a fist for 2– 3 seconds and release it.Close your eyes.Slowly start to squeeze her hands into fists. Make a well in the head softly, turn off the internal dialogue.Keep watch over your feelings, and images. When you squeeze your hands into fists, then a few minutes stay in this state until the process of neutralization of harmful product.Open your eyes.Now think about the original product. How is the perception of the product? If the dependence is still present, then go back again and follow steps 2– 6 with a new strong antidote.
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