The conscious and subconscious. Essence in simple words.


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Every person who is familiar with psychology or don't even know heard terms such as consciousness and the subconscious. 

In different psychological schools have their own definitions and their content of these terms.

Want to explain it in simple language. 

the Subconscious is a mash of the brain that controls all our vital functions almost autonomously. Every second the brain receives a huge amount of signals from receptors, processes them and outputs any control action. A simple example might be the bright sun light falling on the retina, the brain realizes this too and gives the command to close the eyelids completely or partially. We do it automatically. This is a protection mechanism from over-voltage to any area. 

What is consciousness? Consciousness is a product of the brain that allows a person to control attention. In the previous example we can for example consciously to lift a little eyelids, sesurity eyes to something to see. You can say that we did it consciously.

Another example. Our fingers have a pulse in the normal state we do not feel consciously because our attention is not there. If you concentrate hard enough right now, you will feel the pulse in my finger. You sent the note. 

Many people do not like what I call consciousness a product of brain activity. But this is proved by the simple fact that consciousness can control most processes which occur in our body. The only thing that biology allows us to do is to control attention and to make  the manipulation of the musculoskeletal system, iris, and nearly all of it.

It has a direct relationship to mental processes. When you come to a psychologist and talk about your problem, you can issue a whole stream of words and this happens often faster than your attention manages to control. A psychologist can simply call your attention to certain words, facts or circumstances that escape your attention for one reason or another. Some circumstances too painful for you, some very old, some seem insignificant and so it is considered as if driven into unconsciousness. But really, all this is stored in memory and you are only directing their attention can take these facts and to rebuild with them your objectives.

How it is stored in the memory is a separate complicated question. Memory does not work as a flash drive, which stores individual files of memories, and she holds like memories of memories. Remember the Apple. Now each of you took from memory a color, shape, weight, taste, surface roughness, odor, etc. the Image of an Apple are gathered from the individual fragments. Sometimes we can remember what actually it wasn't just because memory is not stored events and stored separate components: for example, you were on the Christmas tree and Santa Claus was a blue coat, but now you remember it as if it was red, because you know that the red fur Santa Claus also exists. 
On the same principle and many neurotic problems. For example, the husband cheated on his wife and she found out about it. She is unpleasant to be near that person, she wants to divorce, but it has to happen panic attacks and she's in a few months goes by doctors and does his health not doing a divorce. In fact, a panic attack she needs for several reasons: one is that the family for it is overvalued is a need from childhood and she could not even think about divorce, the second reason is she has no experience, because for several years before my marriage not working. It cannot provide for themselves. For her psyche this puzzle had no solution, so wise mentality simply switched her attention to the health problem. Once in the course of work with a psychologist her attention turned to the main problem of the relationship with her husband, she was able to negotiate with them how she would act and solve the problem, the panic attacks stopped.
This understanding of consciousness and the unconscious allow for a different look on many things. No unconsciousness, there is the place where we are not directing their attention.

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