The conscious or Unconscious rules us???


I Think that the existence of consciousness and the Unconscious, know most of the living people.

consciousness is the space generated by the Unconscious, only a small part of the enormous resources and capabilities of our psyche. Its main function: the explanation and interpretation of unconscious processes. It only deals with interpretation of information already embedded in your brain 5-15-25 years ago. For half a second before making a conscious action in the brain signal from the Unconscious, and this is one of the first to prove Benjamin Libet in 1979.

that is why the solution of problems through dialogue with friends, parents ' advice, or worse, through the care in any addiction: overeating. alcohol, computer... are in denial. The real cause of your problems lies in your past, and it is recorded on your hard drive, which is the name of the Unconscious. That is where the wealth of problems that are not solved for years and decades. With Unconscious work all psychotherapists to create real change in your life. That's why psychologists working on any problems within the framework of consciousness, doing it well, a very long and inefficient — they work out the consequence, not the cause.

Quotes all famous people:

Carl Gustaf Yung
Many crises in our lives have a long unconscious history. We go through it step by step, unaware of the danger that accumulates. But what we deliberately try not to notice, often captured our unconscious, which transmits information in the form of dreams.

Sigmund Freud.
the Conscious mental life represents only a rather small part of the unconscious mental life.

so in effect, the Unconscious carries 96% of all mental processes, then stores all the information about your psychological trauma of the past, all fixed ideas(beliefs) and attitudes. The unconscious controls your behavior, way of achieving the goal or the non-receipt of result never. Or rather, your every action, thought, emotion —a reaction to external and internal validity first formed in our Unconscious. And only after we have experienced what has felt and engaged in some activity — it involves consciousness and trying to convincingly explain the reasons behind our behaviors, thoughts, emotions. While shamelessly lying and deceiving — rationalizarea, comes up with excuses, justifies us: the wind in the wrong direction blowing, that we have power over, and even better would be to be born the other sex, that would... and life has been different. Yes, it turns out he is phenomenal.

Psychotherapy effective through the use of knowledge about the language of the Unconscious, namely four of its code.
1. Neurological code - sensations, emotions, and all sorts of intention and manifestation in the human body (VAKD: place, color, shape, size, texture, weight,...)
2. Psychosemantic code values, words and meanings, shortcuts that we hang those or other events, objects, objects in my life that people mapped their subjective reality.
as a result, we live inside our own structure of reality, it exists only in our head. The true reality is much more complicated, much deeper and brighter.
3. Spatial code relates to the personal space of the man and his field. For example, any of your problem is already in your field and has a clear location. At the same time, changing the place it in your subjective space — and changes your reality!
4. The symbolic code of metaphors, symbols, images.

  • Metaphor. This applies to the situation. For example, mountain, forest , sea port, some space is dark or bright, etc.
  • Symbol. It is a specific symbolic way. This can be a book, for example, as a symbol of knowledge and wisdom, a vase — as a symbol of femininity, the sword as a symbol of masculinity.

In conclusion I want to note that the therapist puts the client what he wants to tell him his Unconscious. It helps to determine the desired result and creates through psytech internal conditions for a natural achieve this result, sometimes even wholly changing internal and external reality of the client.

With all due respect, Semina Irina.

Semina Irina
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